What Brand Owners Need To Know About Blockchain

Multiple industries are now exploring the possibilities with blockchain technology. In this webinar we will explore blockchain and how it will affect brand owners and trademark protection. 

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Webinar take-aways include:

  • What is blockchain & why does it matter?
  • How it can revolutionize trademark protection
  • What Brand Owners and their outside counsel need to know about this now
  • Why blockchain is here to stay

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Marty Schwimmer

Partner at Leason Ellis LLP

Marty Schwimmer counsels, prosecutes and litigates intellectual property disputes for major well-known companies. Marty is best known as the publisher of The Trademark Blog, the world’s oldest blog devoted to trademark and copyright law, as well as a Twitter microblog (@trademarkblog). Well-known in domain name circles and panelist for UDRP proceedings administered by the WIPO.


Tiffany Valeriano

Trademark Executive at TrademarkNow

Tiffany Valeriano is a Trademark Executive at TrademarkNow and is our leading in-house expert. A member of INTA, she serves on the Impact Studies Committee and has nearly 10 years experience with one of the largest IP service providers in the industry. Her expertise focuses on IP solutions for corporate clients and the coordination of large-scale IP projects with local counsel worldwide. 
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