Essential Timing - Assessing International Trademark Application Processing Times eBook

Knowledge is power, as the saying goes! Aligning your international trademark application strategy to your business goals is critical to the success of your (or your clients) new product in hitting each market at the right time and ensuring that it is safely protected.

In seeking information on the likely time frames for registration of a mark in any specific region, we have analysed data from the past years in a downloadable ebook that contains:

  • Overall processing times in 90 registries
  • Impact of multi-class applications on processing time
  • Development of historical processing times in Europe, USA and Canada.


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A Strategic Tool

Use the eBook in your trademark strategy as a way to manage expectations in relation to outcomes. It gives you a guideline to understanding the complexities in various regions.

The Effect of Classes

Understand how the amount of product classes effects your application in various markets. Does the registration of a trademark for ten classes take longer than for just one?