Old US Trademark Classes

Trademark applications filed at the USPTO before September 1, 1973 were originally categorized according to a national classification system. International classes have since been assigned to all such registered marks, but the original US classes are still also included in the database. For applications filed on and after September 1, 1973, a list of corresponding US classes is generated automatically by the USPTO based on the international classes for the registration.


Class Description
Class 1 Raw or partly prepared materials
Class 2 Receptacles
Class 3 Baggage, animal equipments, portfolios, and pocket books
Class 4 Abrasives and polishing materials
Class 5 Adhesives
Class 6 Chemicals and chemical compositions
Class 7 Cordage
Class 8 Smokers’ articles, not including tobacco products
Class 9 Explosives, firearms, equipments, and projectiles
Class 10 Fertilizers
Class 11 Inks and inking materials
Class 12 Construction materials
Class 13 Hardware and plumbing and steamfitting supplies
Class 14 Metals and metal castings and forgings
Class 15 Oils and greases
Class 16 Protective and decorative coatings
Class 17 Tobacco products
Class 18 Medicines and pharmaceutical preparations
Class 19 Vehicles
Class 20 Linoleum and oiled cloth
Class 21 Electrical apparatus, machines, and supplies
Class 22 Games, toys, and sporting goods
Class 23 Cutlery, machinery, and tools, and parts thereof
Class 24 Laundry appliances and machines
Class 25 Locks and safes
Class 26 Measuring and scientific appliances
Class 27 Horological instruments
Class 28 Jewelry and precious-metal ware
Class 29 Brooms, brushes, and dusters
Class 30 Crockery, earthenware, and porcelain
Class 31 Filters and refrigerators
Class 32 Furniture and upholstery
Class 33 Glassware
Class 34 Heating, lighting, and ventilating apparatus
Class 35 Belting, hose, machinery packing, and nonmetallic tires
Class 36 Musical instruments and supplies
Class 37 Paper and stationery
Class 38 Prints and publications
Class 39 Clothing
Class 40 Fancy goods, furnishings, and notions
Class 41 Canes, parasols, and umbrellas
Class 42 Knitted, netted, and textile fabrics, and substitutes thereof
Class 43 Thread and yarn
Class 44 Dental, medical, and surgical appliances
Class 45 Soft drinks and carbonated waters
Class 46 Foods and ingredients of foods
Class 47 Wines
Class 48 Malt beverages and liquors
Class 49 Distilled alcoholic liquors
Class 50 Merchandise not otherwise classified
Class 51 Cosmetics and toilet preparations
Class 52 Detergents and soaps
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Class Description
Class 100 Miscellaneous
Class 101 Advertising and business
Class 102 Insurance and financial
Class 103 Construction and repair
Class 104 Communication
Class 105 Transportation and storage
Class 106 Material treatment
Class 107 Education and entertainment

Collective Membership

Class Description
Class 200 Collective membership
Class 201 Goods
Class 202 Services

Certification Marks

Class Description
Class A Goods
Class B Services
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