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We enable you to quickly and easily find the answers your clients are looking for – without the need to develop search strategies or incur unforeseen costs. You’ll get snap-shot views of trademarks and registered products, plus the ability to conduct a comprehensive risk analysis of your client's potential trademark later on.

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The Problem

Your clients depend on you for fast and reliable answers. And whether it’s a matter of proceeding with a specific trademark or selecting the best from a list of alternatives, sometimes the answer is not that simple. Financial constraints, deadlines, and absolute grounds issues are just a few of the many factors you’ll often need to take into consideration.

How We Can Help

We help you take an entirely new approach to brand protection. Simply run a search for the name and product(s) your client is considering and receive an immediate indication of the risk involved in registering the trademark. You’ll get a prioritized list of similar trademarks. You can even run the same searches for an existing trademark.

How It All Works

All TrademarkNow products are based on a unique and efficient model of all registered trademarks within a given jurisdiction. At the core is a system that analyzes trademarks and instantaneously ranks them into an order most relevant to you.

Our AI In The Core

The AI model is based on over a decade of research, and it factors in the general elements of vagueness and uncertainty from common to computational modeling of law. It can be used to answer a number of questions relating to trademark proximity.

The Highest-Quality Data Coverage

Our database covers virtually the entire globe: with 180 country trademark registries. Moreover, our common law data contains more than 140 million public and private companies across 191 countries. Global pharma-in-use and clinical trials data along with major app store, and web & social media data are also available - all from the most reputable data providers.

Trusted Data Quality

All data is regularly cleaned, unified and repaired (e.g., fix misspellings of trademark owner names, combine brands that belong under the same owner, etc.) in the PTO data itself. In these cases, we display BOTH the original PTO record, and our own note and suggested data correction. Our data is global, rigorous, and trusted by many of the world's biggest law firms, for both clearing new brands and protecting their existing portfolios.

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