TrademarkNow® for Trademark Attorneys

Your clients depend on you for fast and reliable answers. And whether it’s a matter of proceeding with a specific trademark or selecting the best from a list of alternatives, sometimes the answer is not that simple. Financial constraints, deadlines and absolute grounds issues are just a few of the many factors you’ll often need to take into consideration.

TrademarkNow® enables you to quickly and easily find the answers your clients are looking for – without the need to develop search strategies or incur unforeseen database costs. You’ll get snap-shot views of trademarks and registered products, plus the ability to conduct a comprehensive risk analysis of your potential trademark later on.

How can we help?

TrademarkNow® takes an entirely new approach to brand protection. Simply run a search for the name and product(s) you’re considering and receive an immediate indication of the risk involved in registering the trademark. You’ll get a prioritized list of nearby trademarks. You can even run the same searches for an existing trademark.

How does it work?

All TrademarkNow® products are based on a unique and efficient model of all registered trademarks within a given jurisdiction. At its core is a system that analyzes trademarks and instantaneously ranks them into an order most relevant to you.

This model is based on over a decade of research, and it factors in the general elements of vagueness and uncertainty common to computational modeling of law. It can be used to answer a number of questions relating to trademark proximity.

All with just a few simple clicks.

How to buy

Our pricing is based on annual subscription fees, so you can use the system as much as you need without any surprises. To get a quote for your organization, please contact us.