TrademarkNow® for brand-intensive Industries

Trademarks are the legal protection for your brand. Whether you’re an established brand considering new markets, launching a new product or developing a new tagline, or you’re a new company just getting started, you must always protect your brand from copycats. Unauthorized third-party registrations or subtle knock-offs could have devastating consequences. All your marketing efforts could be rendered useless if you can’t hold on to your brand.

How can we help?

TrademarkNow® takes an entirely new approach to brand protection. Simply run a search for the name and product(s) you’re considering and receive an immediate indication of the risk involved in registering the trademark. You’ll get a prioritized list of nearby trademarks. You can even run the same searches for an existing trademark.

How does it work?

All TrademarkNow® products are based on a unique and efficient model of all registered trademarks within a given jurisdiction. At its core is a system that analyzes trademarks and instantaneously ranks them into an order most relevant to you.

This model is based on over a decade of research, and it factors in the general elements of vagueness and uncertainty common to computational modeling of law. It can be used to answer a number of questions relating to trademark proximity.

How to buy

Our pricing is based on annual subscription fees, so you can use the system as much as you need without any surprises. To get a quote for your organization, please contact us.