Portfolio Analyzer™

Portfolio Analyzer is a unique business intelligence and trademark management tool that enables trademark and risk management professionals to quickly create and verify a company portfolio. Our tool enables you to gauge the strength of a trademark portfolio, identify growth trends, coverage gaps and vulnerable brands, and benchmark portfolio-strength metrics against competitors.

Simple Portfolio Creation

With fresh data from more than 180 trademark registries consolidated together, visualizing any company’s trademark portfolio has never been more straightforward. Simply enter your company’s name(s) and/or countries, and select those whose subsidiaries and brands you’d like to include in the analysis. Names in non-Latin alphabets are automatically translated.

Automated Data Visualization & Useful Industry Benchmarking

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Your chosen company’s brands are automatically consolidated into a dashboard of helpful charts and graphs, showing trademark filings over time, Nice class (product types) and geographic distribution, biggest and most recent brands, oppositions history (most-defended and most-threatened marks), and much more.

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To put your trademark portfolio in perspective for you, we compare it to those of industry leaders. Our algorithm automatically identifies the most relevant and dominant companies in your industry by analyzing the product descriptions of all trademark applications. This allows unique insight into the trademark portfolio strategies of companies at the top of your industry and can lend insights into formulating your own strategies for success!

Find out how Portfolio Analyzer can transform your trademark management today!

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