Pay-Per-Search Online Trademark Search

Get high-quality trademark search done affordably on a search by search basis and pay one simple amount for each search you run online - with access to all the trademark details you find. Right here, right now.

No games

Simple and easy pricing. No more paying to see individual trademark search results or details. No need to predict your search volumes.

Enhanced Knockout Search: $99.99/Search

Use the fastest trademark screening tool ever developed across more country registries. Eliminate weak mark candidates earlier, and avoid high-cost comprehensive searches later.

Expand Your Reach

Instantly screen internationally. Get exact and partially-exact matches across 5* country registries of your choice, plus the USPTO. Relevant international marks (from WIPO, EUIPO, ARIPO) are included automatically.


Add extra safety to your trademark search by including unregistered trademarks! Company names exactly matching your candidate are automatically added for the five countries you choose + USA.

Just $99.99 / Search. Buy online.
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AI Clearance Search: $399.99/Search

Use TrademarkNow’s pioneering, battle-tested artificial intelligence across your choice of 10* country registries, to safely find all similar trademarks to your candidate - in as little as half the time.**

Ordered Results in Seconds

Algorithmic scoring of name linguistics and product similarity raise your candidate’s biggest potential threats to the top of your report – making your trademark clearance search dramatically faster and easier.

Powerful Analysis Tools

Review elegant summaries of potential opponents’ portfolios, past oppositions, size and strength; investigate the strength of your candidate brand and its component parts within product types.

Just $399.99 / Search. Buy online.
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Basic Knockout Search - FREE

The fastest trademark screening tool ever developed is now FREE for the US and EU trademark registries. Run instant, unlimited exact-match trademark searches to eliminate weak mark candidates earlier in your process.

Instant, Flexible Feedback

Screen multiple variations on your trademark name at the same time, within product classes of your choice. Exact match results for both US and EU data appear instantly - even as you type.

Trademark & Owner Details

Review full details of any existing trademark found in your search results for free, including filing and opposition histories - along with a quick overview of the trademark owner and their portfolio size.

Search the USPTO + EUIPO for free

*Choose from 176 country registries! We automatically include trademarks of international organizations (WIPO, EUIPO and ARIPO) in your search results for you. China (CN SAIC) database is not offered via pay per search.
**According to TrademarkNow clients, versus their prior tools.