LogoCheck™ Searching for logos has never been so quick and easy!

LogoCheck™ is TrademarkNow’s state-of-the-art intelligent image recognition tool. Its artificial intelligence is based on a deep learning neural network rigorously trained using millions of logo image samples, displaying and ranking your logo search results in seconds.

The above trademarks and logos are not affiliated with or owned by TrademarkNow, a Corsearch company and are used for illustrative purposes only as public record from the respective Trademark Offices.

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State of the Art Image Recognition

Just drag, paste or upload your candidate design into LogoCheck to access our sophisticated image-to-image AI search engine — based on a deep learning neural network rigorously trained with millions of logo image samples — and get similarity-ordered results across more than 180 trademark offices in seconds.

Easy, Flexible Searching

Combine your image-upload search with multiple kinds of in-parallel searches — including Vienna / Image Codes, Nice / Product Classes, specific trademark and/or competitor/owner names, regions and more.

Unique Combined Search and Filtering Flexibility

Quickly refine and filter results into our easy-to-scan gallery as you need, without ever having to re-run your entire search. Pick and choose logos into your downloadable report’s preview panel as you go.

Deep Access to Mark and Competitor Information

Click any logo’s trademark name or competitor/owner name to bring up robust details that help you clarify the similar logo’s degree of threat to your candidate. Our owner-details pages include dashboard summaries of your potential opponent’s trademark portfolio and its history, product types and classes, their litigiousness and oppositions history, and more.