Preliminary Trademark Search - ExaMatch™

Efficiency starts with a robust knockout or preliminary trademark search that quickly gives you strong brand candidates to take forward to clearance. Spend your time on the names that matter and not the ones that don’t.

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Instant Screening

The key to effective and efficient preliminary trademark search is speed. Limiting the time you dedicate to names which have little realistic potential of serving your company goals is critical.

Expand Your Screening Internationally

Whether you plan to extend the scope of protection of your mark to other regions or retain a domestic registration, prior marks from other regions can impact your brand. Screening across key regions allows you to head foreign potentially conflicting brands off at the pass.

Boost Efficiency

Incorporating your screening process into your naming sessions can save even more time. With instant results, you can eliminate non-starters almost as fast as your marketing team can come up with them!

Eliminate Non-Starters In Real-Time

Depending on your industry, the ratio of non-starters to brands with potential can be anywhere from 10 - 1 to 300 - 1. Instant screening makes long lists shorter in minutes and significantly limits the time given to names that won’t work.