Instant Gratification

In this day and age, impatience is the new black. Whether it’s your marketing team screaming for the green light to move ahead with a new brand name or your boss asking for an immediate summary of all the trademark candidates you’ve ever considered, it’s all a bit unreasonable. Or is it?

Using NameCheck™, you can get this information in a matter of seconds. With NameCheck, you simply log on, enter the trademark candidate, select the appropriate asset categories and jurisdictions, and click “Search”.

In less than 15 seconds you get a risk score for the candidate based on a full likelihood of confusion analysis, as well as a comprehensive report that provides you with detail around identical and similar marks, word meanings, and internet domains, in relevancy order.

Results You Can Trust

Ok, you say – this is sounding pretty good. But how do you know you can trust the results? The state-of-the-art artificial intelligence behind NameCheck is based on 12 years of trademark law modeling research that took everything into consideration.

NameCheck analyzes your candidate against millions of existing trademarks and other relevant data for product similarity, how the word looks, how it sounds when pronounced, and word meaning in over 150 languages. The technology also reviews filings for identical and similar marks and determines how aggressive a trademark owner is in opposing.

Finally, the risk score assigned to your trademark candidate is not just based on data analysis, but also on case law and how others have decided to act with similar candidate risk. How’s that for smart technology?

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More, but Less

Today, we have access to more information than ever before. And a myriad of technology has been developed to gather and present this data to us. But does merely having more information make things better? If you ask anyone involved in trademark watch, the answer is an emphatic, “No!”

What is good has become bad – more information means a more thorough watch, but it also means a lot more noise. Mountains of irrelevant alerts are mixed in with the few critical ones that need immediate attention. Luckily, there’s NameWatch™.

NameWatch not only identifies all the potential threats to your brand, it prioritizes the most relevant and urgent ones for you by leveraging the artificial intelligence that is the core of our trademark management platform. The result? A more effective and efficient approach to trademark watch.

A Strategic View

In trademark watching, there’s a chance you may win the battle but lose the war. If you only watch your own portfolio, you may effectively protect your trademarks but miss important activity that impacts not only your brands, but also your company strategy.

NameWatch allows you to expand the scope of your watch beyond just your portfolio to include applications, names and product categories. You can track all the processing steps of any individual trademark application, watch for any words together with a product category that are important to you, and monitor overall activity in a product category to see what your competitors are planning – even those competitors you didn’t know you had! With NameWatch, you get a strategic view of the big picture, putting you in a stronger position to win the war.

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