TrademarkNow provides an intelligent trademark management suite that is used by enterprises, law firms and branding agencies across the world for instant trademark search and watch results.


  • World’s Fastest Trademark Search Results In 15 Seconds
  • Includes common law sources, Web Domains and word meanings
  • Powered by Intelligent Legal Technology

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  • Relevant and prioritized watch reports
  • You will be able to watch more marks in a fraction of the time.
  • Exceed your Fiduciary responsibility!

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  • Make trademark searches across more than 180 countries' PTO databases.
  • Drill into your trademark search results with filtering.
  • Incorporate your screening process into your naming sessions.

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  • Clear new candidate logos faster than ever before.
  • Refine a search by targeting any relevant design found.
  • See details on a preview panel and download reports.

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Portfolio 360™

  • Gain in-depth visibility into your company’s entire Trademark Portfolio
  • Maintain an overview of your Trademark Portfolio
  • Set up your competitors’ portfolios just as easily as your own

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Competitor Watch™

  • Real-time Competitor Intelligence
  • Stay ahead of new market entries
  • C-Suite business intelligence

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Portfolio Analyzer™

  • Simple portfolio creation
  • Automated data visualization
  • Useful industry benchmarking

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