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Companies file with different trademark registries separately and under foreign subsidiaries with different names. Companies merge. Companies are acquired.

Very quickly a single companies trademark portfolio can become very disparate and keeping track of these variables unmanageable.

Putting your marks in one place not only makes management simple it allows you to have a global view of the companies portfolio and very easily see that it's aligned with the company's corporate strategy. 

Get high level metrics on where your marks are registered, when they were registered, how many applications and registries have been filed by brand, global coverage etc. Insightful actionable data.

See The Benefits

  • Quickly Search & Aggregate All Your Trademarks
  • Easily Centralize Your Companies Entire Trademark Portfolio In One Place
  • View, Track, Protect All of Your Marks From A Single Location
  • Reduce The Management Workload Whilst Maintaining Legal Efficiency
  • Gain Insight Into Your Trademark Activity & Global Brand Coverage
  • Reduce Administration, Increase Efficiency
  • Achieve Complete Transparency

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