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Do you love trademarks and listening to podcasts?

Then you have come to the right place! TrademarkNow just launched a brand new legal podcast, Talkin' Marks, co-hosted by our Trademark Counsel and member of the INTA Publication Committee, Gökcen Uzer Cengelci and Trademark Executive, Zac Casstevens.

Latest episode: Immoral and Scandalous Marks

Episode six covers the issue of immoral and scandalous trademarks. The program focuses on two important questions:

  • What constitutes immoral and scandalous trademarks today?
  • What will the future hold for these kinds of trademarks?

We also cover precedent decisions in the US such as REDSKINS-SLANTS and IANCU BRUNETTI. And, your co-hosts also touch upon the recent EU decision on FACK JU GOHTE.

Subcategories of these trademarks are discussed and the conflict between regulation versus freedom of expression is explored in more detail.

Expert speaker

Your co-hosts are joined by expert guest speaker Colin Manning. Manning is the author of an academic paper “Moral Bars on Trade Mark Registration” and is an intellectual property lecturer at Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland. He is also a practising European trademark attorney.

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Gökcen Uzer Cengelci, Trademark Counsel


Zac Casstevens, Trademark Executive

Interesting and off the wall topics from the trademark world

In each episode, Gökcen and Zac will take a look at an interesting and current topic from the trademark world and unravel it from all angles.

They also invite trademark world influencers and heavyweights to bring their expert input to the topic at hand from time to time. If you have something to say please get in touch

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