TrademarkNow Launches Free Preliminary Trademark Searching Tool


HELSINKI, Finland (24th of September 2018) - TrademarkNow launches a free preliminary trademark search tool to tackle issues with globalisation and address the legal industry’s growing need to do more with less. The new tool provides an unlimited amount of screening searches and checks two key registries, USPTO and EUIPO, at once bringing agility and efficiency into preliminary or knockout clearance.

“Traditionally trademark data has been expensive and siloed out by region. So, all trademark practitioners have developed their own ways for checking marks. Most combine several tools and data sources to find something that works for them”, says TrademarkNow CEO Mikael Kolehmainen. “These combinations of tools and data sources often take up too much time and resources. It was a critical issue for us to solve”, he adds.

In addition to searching two key registries simultaneously, TrademarkNow’s new search tool lets users filter their results based on the registry and Nice class. Instantaneous results allow the possibility of incorporating preliminary screening straight into the naming and brainstorming processes. Identifying strong brand candidates early in the process lets you focus your time on the names that matter.

“Getting here has been a long and rewarding journey and we are continuing strongly on our path of improving the lives of trademark professionals around the world”, says Kolehmainen.

TrademarkNow set out to provide the world’s most comprehensive and efficient suite of end-to-end trademark management tools on one fully integrated platform and they have made significant inroads towards this ambitious goal. The new preliminary screening tool joins an impressive collection of intelligent legal technology tools providing clearance, monitoring, portfolio management, business intelligence and responsive research tools essential to any trademark practitioner.