TrademarkNow Brings An End To Infringement Against Small Brands


HELSINKI, Finland (4.11.2019) - TrademarkNow brings more trademark protection tools to the masses by launching a new and affordable pay-per-use name watching solution. Law firms and business owners can now monitor and safeguard as many trademarks as they want in up to 10 countries of their choice. The new tool enables an end to the problem of infringement against all brands - regardless of the size of the business.

“Your brand is your most valuable business asset. Monitoring and safeguarding a company’s brands has typically been difficult, expensive and time consuming, even for the big corporations of this world. Having seen many brands infringed upon unnecessarily, we want to make protection easier for everyone,`` explains TrademarkNow CEO and co-founder, Mikael Kolehmainen.

TrademarkNow’s new on demand trademark protection tool Word Watch provides trademark attorneys and all business or trademark owners with the ability to protect themselves against potentially infringing trademark applications, in up to 10 countries. The tool is powered by TrademarkNow’s second generation artificial intelligence. It gives them fast and reliable data and reports which cover everything from exact matches to similar trademarks ranked in order of potential threat.

Word Watch saves trademark professionals and owners valuable time and expense. Using Word Watch avoids having to spend long hours sifting through broad scope and endless data dump reports to find similar and potentially infringing trademarks. Only relevant trademark applications trigger comprehensive alerts.

Mikael Kolehmainen continues: “Protecting brands with trademarks is becoming increasingly important as the value of brands increases. Having a strong brand can help to raise the overall valuation of a business, leading to a higher market share and an increase in turnover and profit for companies. We want to play our part in this and make it easier for companies of all sizes to protect their marks and develop their business. That is why we have launched Word Watch”.

TrademarkNow provides the world’s most accurate and efficient suite of trademark management tools on one fully integrated platform. The new pay-per-use online trademark protection offering, Word Watch, joins a collection of intelligent legal technology tools providing clearance, monitoring, portfolio management, business intelligence and responsive research that are essential to any trademark practitioner in today’s global market.