Over 2 Million AI-Powered Trademark Searches Completed


HELSINKI, Finland (9 July 2019) - Trademark professionals have completed over 2 million AI-powered trademark searches in 7 years through TrademarkNow’s platform. The amount of searches is growing rapidly every month, as evidenced by an increasing number of companies implementing intellectual property software to streamline their trademark management. The market is projected to grow to over $5 billion by 2024.

“We are very proud to offer our customers the tools they need to work more efficiently. Our first 7 years have been full of rapid growth and excitement, and we hope to reach over 10 million trademark searches with our customers by our 10th birthday”, reveals TrademarkNow CEO & Co-founder, Mikael Kolehmainen.

The company recently launched new pay-per-search trademark search e-commerce options which have been well received in the market. Millions of trademarks were registered in 2018 and the intellectual property software market is poised to grow over 15 percent annually. Easy-to-use, self-service solutions are the most natural way to deliver trademark search to a wider audience.

Kolehmainen goes on to state: “Our purpose is to make high quality trademark search and clearance possible for everyone, without the need to know search volumes or to have to pay to see individual trademark details. Brands are among the most valuable assets of any company, and protecting them with trademarks is becoming increasingly important. We want to play our part in this and make it easier for companies to protect their marks”.

TrademarkNow provides the world’s most comprehensive and efficient suite of end-to-end trademark management tools, on one fully integrated platform. The new self-service international online search offerings join an impressive collection of intelligent legal technology tools. TrademarkNow provides trademark clearance, monitoring, portfolio management, business intelligence and responsive research tools, essential to any trademark practitioner operating in today’s global market.