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Monitoring your trademarks should NOT BE LIMITED to the "crown jewel" marks. That is exactly what most large corporations do - focus on their top 10-20 marks while ignoring the rest.

Companies can't possibly monitor all of their brands with today's current budget, staff, and time constraints. Or can they?... while that statement may have been true in the past, it isn't anymore.

Thanks to new technology, you can now watch all your marks without falling behind on more pressing responsibilities or pushing your budget into the stratosphere.

The Benefits of Seeing A Demo:

  • Quickly Centralize Your Trademarks into One Place
  • View Prioritized Potential Threats
  • Instant Watch Alerts
  • Effectively Protect Your Portfolio
  • Expand the Scope of Your Watch to Include Applications, Names & Product Categories
  • Keep Track of Your Competitors

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