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Fastest Trademark Clearance Search

NameCheck - Full Trademark Clearance Search


Instant Gratification

In this day and age, impatience is the new black. Whether it’s your marketing team screaming for the green light to move ahead with a new brand name or your boss asking for an immediate summary of all the trademark candidates you’ve ever considered, it’s all a bit unreasonable. Or is it?

Using NameCheck™, you can get this information in a matter of seconds. With NameCheck, you simply log on, enter the trademark candidate, select the appropriate asset categories and jurisdictions, and click “Search”.

In less than 15 seconds you get a risk score for the candidate based on a full likelihood of confusion analysis, as well as a comprehensive report that provides you with detail around identical and similar marks, word meanings, and internet domains, in relevancy order.

Results You Can Trust

Ok, you say – this is sounding pretty good. But how do you know you can trust the results? The state-of-the-art artificial intelligence behind NameCheck is based on 12 years of trademark law modeling research that took everything into consideration.

NameCheck analyzes your candidate against millions of existing trademarks and other relevant data for product similarity, how the word looks, how it sounds when pronounced, and word meaning in over 150 languages. The technology also reviews filings for identical and similar marks and determines how aggressive a trademark owner is in opposing.

Finally, the risk score assigned to your trademark candidate is not just based on data analysis, but also on case law and how others have decided to act with similar candidate risk. How’s that for smart technology?

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