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The Old way

  • Waiting for days to get your search results
  • Tons of irrelevant watch alerts
  • Limited watch capabilities

The new way

  • Instant search results in 15 seconds
  • Relevant and prioritized watch alerts
  • Watch by portfolio, application, name and product

Why TrademarkNow?


What sets TrademarkNow apart from other technology providers in the space is our focus on automating intelligence. While many solutions automate the simple task of searching and monitoring trademark databases, they still rely on human intervention to analyze the results.

We have taken this concept to the next level by replacing work that was done manually with artificial intelligence that is actually faster and better than its human predecessor. It’s the next generation of trademark lifecycle management.


TrademarkNow was founded by seasoned professionals in both the software industry and intellectual property law, and it shows in the quality of our products.

First-hand knowledge of the issues and challenges of the old way of conducting trademark search, analysis, and protection, combined with an advanced understanding of how technology could be applied to solve the problem and improve the process, has resulted in a solution that stands alone in its ability to deliver value.

Easy to Use

While the underlying intelligence is complex, the platform’s intuitive design and simple user interface make it very easy to use. The process of conducting a name search or watching your portfolio, an application, a name, or a product can be completed in a few simple clicks, with immediate results. Search and watch reports are organized, summarized, and prioritized.

Regardless of your comfort level or experience with technology, you’ll find the platform clear, straightforward, and painless.


We work with clients across all industries around the globe to improve and expedite their trademark clearing and watching. Our clients are not just customers, they are partners – we listen to their needs and funnel those ideas into our product development process to ensure we deliver innovation that continues to delight.