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Trademark Researching


Instant Research Results

  • Effortlessly find information on specific marks and owners, across more than 60 different countries
  • Perfect for oppositions research, litigation preparation & portfolio management
  • Search by trade mark, registration number or application
  • Filter identical results by Owner, Classification or Region

Find any mark in the world

Validate the current status of your own trademarks, to see an overview of your brands, and then explore whether trademarks for some of your brands are registered and up-to-date across the world.

View your companies complete trademark information, the number of applications filed and its number of brands. Have this data visualized to view; the geographic dispersal of a company’s brands, a timeline as and when the company’s brands were registered, an assessment of a company's portfolio by Nice Classes and much more.

ExaMatch makes it really quick and easy to do trademark research for oppositions research helping you to check an opponent’s grounds of opposition, including prior rights, priority dates and statuses. Gain court case advantage for any litigation preparation, when you need to look up specific information on precedent trademarks from case law archives that might relate to your own case at hand. 

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