We work with clients across all industries around the globe to improve and expedite their trademark clearing and watching. Our clients are not just customers, they’re partners – we listen to their needs and funnel those ideas into our product development process to ensure we deliver innovation that continues to delight. Here is just a sample of our growing list of clients: Corporations, Law Firms, and Branding Agencies.


Across all Industries and Spanning the Globe.

Law Firms & Legal Services

TrademarkNow partners with some of the largest and oldest law firms in the world as well as some of the newest and smallest law firms. We provide results that attorneys can trust, giving leading intellectual property experts the tools they need to succeed and partners the ability to win new business.

Branding Agencies

Demanding clients want new, exciting, brand-busting names... which is a tough job! Coming up with a name is only part of the course, making sure you can use it is an altogether different challenge. Branding agencies can now know in an INSTANT whether an idea can be trademarked, an integral part of their clients IP & brand strategy.