3 Keys to the Emperor's Kingdom - Chinese Trademarks Demystified

This webinar will discuss the basics of trademark law in China. We will compare and contrast the core principles of the Chinese system with those of the West. We will then outline the key practical impacts to businesses when they operate in China and how business strategies need to be modified accordingly — when in China, do as the Chinese do

Webinar take-aways include:

  • 3 main ways China is different
  • Subclass practice and how it impacts filing strategies in China
  • Why use does not equal protection
  • How enforcement is different

Watch the webinar recording


Amy Hsiao

Partner at Swanson and Bratschun

Amy Hsiao is a sought-after US-based trademark attorney & brand strategist with expertise on Chinese Trademark Law. Educated in both the US and Taiwan, Amy helps Western companies grow and protect brands in China, and 30+ countries across Asia.

She has over 10 years of large US law firm experience and has serviced as the China subject matter expert in organizations from Silicon Valley, Hong Kong to Beijing.  In addition to over 100 oppositions wins, Amy has substantial experience pursuing cases through the Chinese courts, trademark office, arbitration forums and administrative bodies.

Amy has contributed to China's first book on trademark law and is author of the China Trademark Blog (https://lastweekinchina.com/).


Joan Zhang

Senior Counsel at Lenovo US Inc

Joan Zhang is the Senior Counsel for Lenovo US Inc having relocated to the States in 2016 from Beijing. Her work focuses on trademarks, domains, anti-counterfeiting and privacy issues. She was previously an Associate at ZY Partners in China where her Bachelors in Economics & Law and Masters in International Relations assisted their clients in trademarks, copyright, domain names and enforcement concerns.