Customer Success Story - ITV plc

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Strategies for clearing brands - TrademarkNow delivers solutions that enable trademark professionals to get involved in brand naming at an early stage and be a better business partner across multi-functional teams

As with other media companies, brands are central to ITV plc’s business. Innovation is at the core of the company’s global reach and the in-house legal team needs to collaborate across the business with the marketing, commercial and production teams, while performing rapid research for a stream of new international brands.

In this case study, Helen Stanwell-Smith, Head of Brand Protection at ITV plc, outlines how she researches large volumes of trademarks quickly while providing a rapid and effective level of service to the teams that the media industry requires.

Helen Stanwell-Smith, ITV plc

Helen Stanwell-Smith, Head of Brand Protection at ITV plc

"I would highly recommend TrademarkNow to any media business looking to increase effectiveness and efficiency of clearances and brand protection across multi-functional teams."