Customer Success Story - Dorel Industries

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How Dorel Industries completes cost-effective global risk analysis of new brands at high speed 

Dorel is a leading global consumer products company, operating in 25 countries with 3 divisions – Dorel Juvenile, Dorel Home, and Dorel Sports.

As such, brands are central to Dorel's business and innovation is at the core of the company’s growth strategy. The in-house legal team undertakes rapid research for global marketing teams who deliver a continuous stream of new brands destined for the international market.

In this case study, Dorel Sports division General Counsel, Nico Zimmermann, shares how he researches large volumes of trademarks rapidly, while effectively managing thousands of marks in a global trademark portfolio. To meet the challenge, he relies on TrademarkNow’s trademark research and business intelligence solutions. 

Resulting in a trademark clearance process that is more pragmatic, cost-effective, and scalable for a business that works at the speed of global markets.

Nico Zimmerman

Nico Zimmermann, General Counsel of the Dorel Sports division

"Success means improving efficiency and providing value to the business. TrademarkNow helps Dorel Industries, Inc do both."