TrademarkNow Top Ten Blogs of 2018

Nadaline Webster,

The holiday season is almost upon us and we take a quick look back through 10 of the most popular blogs of 2018:

6 famous one-hundred year old brands:

We’ve combed through our platform to find famous trademarks from the past. The below trademarks were registered in the year 1918 - making them 100 years old this year! These trademarks are still valid today proving that these are very strong brands, and the owners have been keeping tabs on their usage.

How long does it take to register a trademark in 2018?

The trademark application process can be a long one - and certainly much longer than people applying for the first time (or the first time in a new region) might realise. There are some common factors that will impact your time frame to successful registration and an examination of these might help you to identify areas where you can speed up the process.

Ode to the trademark attorney:

Your trademark attorney is for the entire lifecycle of your trademark, not just the opposition period. Show them some love!

Top three funny trademark oversights:

Thousands if not millions of trademarks are registered round the world every year. It would be beyond miraculous if each year there were not a selection of oversights that in retrospect, are just ridiculously funny.

How many lawyers are using Artificial Intelligence right now?

Legal technology adoption is certainly a hot topic in the industry. We know that it has already arrived in many law offices all around the globe. But in how many and to what extent?

Ten things trademark attorneys wish all their clients knew:

There are core fundamentals at the heart of every arena of life and trademark law is no exception. For the trademark attorneys who help their clients create and protect strong brands, communicating these core fundamentals is essential to their role. So what might they want you to understand about trademarks?

Finally, a roadmap to China’s trademark system:

An interview with Amy Hsiao, partner at Swanson & Bratschun and expert in navigating the Chinese trademark landscape.

EU Court finds four-finger Kit Kat not distinctive:

The Kit Kat bar has had a difficult year in the trademark courts - but we still love them!

TrademarkNow’s new FREE preliminary trademark search tool - 7 reasons you will LOVE it!

Demand is growing month on month for better tools to assist with the heavy lifting of clearance and monitoring. Costs surrounding such tools are also an issue. Our new free search tool gives you an unlimited number of instant, powerful preliminary clearances and research across 2 key regions simultaneously.

Unforeseeable risks in trademark registration:

There are two parts to the assessment of risk in the preparation of a new application to register a trademark - the clearance process itself and the development of an opinion of how well it might fare in the examination and publication process. Not all the elements of these are easy to evaluate in advance!

Wishing all of you and yours a safe and happy holidays and a prosperous New Year!

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