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Common-Law Product Enhancements

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TrademarkNow Expands Common Law Search With Apple’s iTunes, Making Trademark Searches Using TrademarkNow More Likely To Discover Unregistered Trademarks In Use Via Digital Apps, Music And Media

TrademarkNow®, a Helsinki-based legal technology company, today announced the expansion of the common law component of the company's already robust trademark management platform. TrademarkNow's search product, NameCheckTM applies the same artificial intelligence used in analyzing information in trademark databases to sources that reveal unregistered trademarks such as iTunes, other app stores and industry in-use databases. TrademarkNow's common law search capabilities identify identical and similar unregistered marks in use in these online marketplaces and databases, which have now been enhanced with the addition of entertainment data from Apple's iTunes.

In a recent survey of trademark professionals conducted by TrademarkNow, 59% of those surveyed expressed dissatisfaction with their process for identifying common law risks of unregistered trademarks in use. In addition, the survey found that those common law risks are very important to those same professionals. When asked to rank the most important factors in conducting trademark name searches, trademark professionals ranked 'Unregistered Trademark Safety' as one of the top five most important factors. With those concerns in mind, TrademarkNow invested to expand the scope of its common law search capabilities, which were included in the company's most recent product release.

"We've heard from our clients that including a thorough common law review in their comprehensive trademark searches is critical to clearing their trademarks, so we have continued to build out these features in our product. We've added deeper review of common law sources to the same rigorous, automated artificial intelligence that drives the TrademarkNow platform," said Mikael Kolehmainen, TrademarkNow Co-founder and CEO. "Trademark attorneys can now spend less time conducting manual common law searches or waiting for results from vendors who rely on manual common law searches, and spend more time analyzing results."

With it's expanded common law search functionality, NameCheck now includes music artist, album, song, video, TV episode and App content from Apple's iTunes. As a member of Apple's partner feed, TrademarkNow receives a catalog of all the items in iTunes on a daily basis, so when clients perform a search using NameCheck for entertainment product categories, their results include all the most recently added information in iTunes.

The importance of searching digital content and online marketplaces as a part of a common law trademark search is paramount as the volume of digital data continues to grow exponentially every day. Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, has explained that we now create more content in two days than all mankind created up to 2003. And, for eBooks, many pundits predict that eBook sales will surpass print book sales in the U.S. by 2018.

"We founded TrademarkNow on the idea of developing automated, algorithmic tools to help trademark attorneys in their day-to-day work flow" Kolehmainen said. "These new features in our platform address an important area of trademark clearing where traditional methods fall short. We are dedicated to helping our clients protect their brands from the threat of unregistered trademarks by bringing common law search into the 21st Century with real-time information from eCommerce and Internet sources."

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