TrademarkNow is Moving to Corsearch...Now!

Lisa Wright,

We’re sure that you would have heard by now that we were acquired by Corsearch in August 2020. Although we’ve continued the TrademarkNow name until now, we’re very excited that we’re all going to be moving under the Corsearch brand in the very near future! 

We hope that you have now had a chance to visit the new common login page for all of Corsearch’s services. If not, you can simply head to and click on the top right-hand corner “Platform Logins” button.  


The product login page on 

Not only can you access our platform, but you can see all the other great trademark, brand protection, and anti-piracy solutions we now offer. 

Thank You 

It’s been our sincere pleasure to support you with data and insights as TrademarkNow on our blog, but we hope that you will continue to enjoy reading our articles and news as part of the wider Corsearch company.  

Thank you for continuing to follow us as we join with Corsearch. We are confident that by looking forward together we will best be able to best serve all the needs of your brand now and into the future. 

Stay in Touch 

Please do come and see us over at! And don’t forget to follow Corsearch’s social media so, we can all stay connected.