TrademarkNow And Corsearch Are Stronger Together

Mikael Kolehmainen,

Did you know that in eight short years TrademarkNow has grown in size by a whopping 12 thousand percent?

TrademarkNow started in 2012 with just 4 co-founders, all based out of Helsinki, Finland. By July 2020 we had an international and diverse team of more than 40 people, who come from 10 different countries, working in 3 global offices! Our client base has grown exponentially over the past year too - and our platform now serves more than 2,500 clients from around the world.

Getting bigger

As of today, we can now count almost 500 employees, spread over 12 locations and some 7,500 clients - having been acquired by IP industry-leader Corsearch! Our new partnership will have a huge global footprint - including the biggest China-based brand protection team in the industry today.

About Corsearch

Corsearch is a globally-renowned brand clearance and protection provider. For over 70 years, Corsearch has supported brands and legal professionals with the clearance, management, and protection of intellectual property rights. It has a trusted reputation with over 5,000 clients globally, including 77 of the Fortune 100 top companies.

With 10 worldwide offices and hundreds of trained analysts, Corsearch is the only provider in the trademark services industry to offer end-to-end solutions supporting the entire brand lifecycle.

Corsearch's combination of exceptional service and innovative technology has made it a trusted partner for thousands of customers. And, now we welcome them as a trusted partner for the TrademarkNow community and our cutting-edge, award-winning technology.

Automated trademark search and watch

TrademarkNow’s 21st century, unique artificial intelligence (AI) model of trademark law has been developed by data scientists and trademark professionals, for trademark professionals. Our AI is based on both explicit and intricate domain models of the law.

Artificial Intelligence at TrademarkNow

TrademarkNow’s AI

With traditional trademark processes it can take days to get a trademark clearance report and several hours to analyze it. Our innovative trademark management solution saves time and improves the collaboration between legal, marketing and trademark teams. 

How it works

Our AI has automized what used to be manual trademark clearance and monitoring tasks to provide a seamless experience. The AI delivers instant reports that are ranked and analyzed in order of potential trademark infringement threats - in less than 15 seconds!


TrademarkNow Assembly Line

Enterprise solutions

All of our 7 innovative enterprise solutions, covering preliminary trademark screening, business intelligence, portfolio management, logo search, competitor watch - as well as our AI clearance search and watch tools - have been researched extensively and designed by our team of developers, designers and customer success managers. All of our solutions serve our IP industry clients, who include law firms, corporates - as well as branding and marketing professionals.

AI solutions

NameCheck is an AI clearance search tool that gives you a clear picture of risk in seconds, across more than 180 countries. It finds and analyzes all identical and similar marks across specified products and services, relevant classes, and registries to find potentially conflicting registrations.

NameWatch is an AI watch solution to monitor a word, a trademark application, and trademark portfolio (either your own or that of a competitor). The AI analyzes potential threats to your brand in terms of likelihood of confusion and sends customized watch alerts to your inbox to ensure that you get timely information about potential conflicts.

Global trademark data

Trademark professionals and analysts using our innovative AI and legal technology access PTO databases, as well as common law data sources, app store and social media results, and Internet results. Global pharma-in-use and clinical trials data are also available - all from the most reputable data providers.

We have expanded our data range too recently and our customers can now run their trademark search and watch in up to 180 country trademark registries!

Continuous research and development

Our R&D team never sleeps! And, this Spring we added many new features and enhancements to our platform. Here are 4 examples for you:

1. ExaMatch and NameCheck search modifiers

We added some new search modifiers like “NOT/EXACT/STARTS WITH/ENDS WITH” to help you to refine your searches in our preliminary search tool ExaMatch and AI clearance search solution, NameCheck.

2. Timestamp

There is now a timestamp shown on the bottom of each of your mark detail pages, which provides information on when that version of the mark was received from the data provider - an important step to ensure data quality and transparency.

3. More customizable reports

Our customizable reports are very valuable as they reduce your working time and ease the transfer of information. Excel download dialogs in both ExaMatch and NameCheck are now fully customizable.

4. Understanding the target company

Our Brand Name Details now show more information about the statistics within each trademark office. Law firms can now also check their colleagues' representative information, for a brand name in a particular territory. In addition, each office now shows the most-used Nice Classes, live application dates, and mark count (live/dead), which will give a better insight for strategic branding management.

And we have more product updates and enhancements in the pipeline! Why not book a call with one of our Trademark Specialists now? Find out what is coming soon for our trademark search and watch solutions and platform!

Yes! I Want To Know More

Versatile e-commerce trademark solutions for all

To make our products inclusive and available to all businesses, regardless of shape or size, we launched 3 affordable and flexible pay-as-you-go trademark search and watch tools in 2019. 

Since launching, these pay-per-search and pay-per-watch solutions have proved to be extremely popular amongst the startup community, smaller law firms, and branding and marketing professionals.

Thoughts to the future

Together with our new friends at Corsearch, we will continue to advance in our shared mission in the pursuit of excellence for all of our customers. TrademarkNow remains committed to giving you the very best search and watch results in a way that enables seamless collaboration between all trademark teams.

Thank you

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for your continued business and loyalty over the years. Your ongoing feedback and support has helped to shape TrademarkNow into the innovative, award-winning platform that it is today!

Learn more

Find out more about this exciting new partnership and how TrademarkNow and Corsearch are #strongertogether.

TrademarkNow is acquired by Corsearch