Trademark Executive Dan Comerford Attends INTA 2020 Europe Conference

Lisa Wright,

INTA’s Europe Conference is situated in the city of Madrid this year which also fittingly houses the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, known as the SPTO (a body of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade of Spain).

Dan Comerford, Trademark Executive in our Kilkenny Ireland office, will be representing TrademarkNow at the event. We caught up with Dan recently to find out more about his background and experiences. We also get more insight into the work that he does to assist trademark professionals and the wider business community at large.

Interview with Dan Comerford


1. What’s your current position at TrademarkNow?

I am currently working as a Trademark Executive in the Sales team and have been fulfilling this diverse role for the last five years. My remit includes helping our valued clients and prospective customers to learn more about how they can utilize our AI driven search and watch platform to drive efficiency and accuracy across their entire trademark management processes. I also work with our product and development team sharing feedback from clients to assist the team in their work on updates and enhancements that our clients have on their wish lists.

2. What would you say most motivates you to do what you do?

Short answer - helping people! A massive part of my job is to help others to learn about our solution and helping to make their job easier. A lot of our clients tell us that before they started using TrademarkNow they were frequently working overtime to meet deadlines and make their business succeed. The savings in time (and money) that our platform gives them allows them to work well and enjoy a better experience.

3. What attracted you to work for TrademarkNow?

TrademarkNow as a company is still young, but it is scaling fast. It celebrated its 7th birthday last year and the company marked the moment by raffling some unique trademark-related gifts to our trademark community! It is a fun place to work and is a growing company in an interesting industry. I work within a really diverse team, with 5 different nationalities represented in our Kilkenny office alone, with a great company culture.

4. Where did you grow up?

I actually grew up in Kilkenny so I have not moved far! I went to college at the University of Limerick. It was a really great time!

5. Did you have any key mentors or people who deeply influenced who you are, what you believe in and what you’re committed to in your work and life?

My parents - they are hard-working and honest! Also, I would like to mention various sales managers that I have worked with in previous roles, who taught me the importance of integrity and open communication skills.

6. What’s the specific event you’re going to be telling us about today?  Can you give us a brief overview of it?

INTA Europe Conference 2020. It is happening on February 17th and 18th in Hotel NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding and this year’s theme “Brands, Sports, and Esports: A Brand (R)evolution” is close to my heart. Some of the brands that will be represented at the event include Chelsea Football Club, Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), Ubisoft Entertainment and other companies.

The conference will be focused on challenges surrounding traditional sports branding, as well as the burgeoning eSports sector. I am a huge sports fan. Outside of work, I enjoy going to the gym and running, along with doing some cycling when the weather in Ireland obliges!

I will be attending the conference talks and I also have many meetings already booked with other attendees and clients.

7. Do you have any tips for trademark professionals who are planning to attend the event?

I would just advise them to network as much as possible and keep talking! It is a unique opportunity to wear many hats and talk to diverse people from branding and marketing agencies and law firms and also corporations from around the world.

8. Finally what’s next for you in your work?  What are you looking forward to?

I am looking forward to the INTA Annual Meeting in Singapore which will take place from April 25th to 29th for more of the same! 

TrademarkNow has a strong relationship with INTA. Two of my colleagues, Trademark Counsel, Gokcen Uzer Cengelci and Head of Product, Charles Hill, have been called to serve on INTA Committees this year and TrademarkNow is proud to serve the IP community, not just by providing them with our cutting-edge tech, but also by giving our time in any way that we can.

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