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Eat, Sleep, Work(out), Repeat

As our stores, restaurants and public recreational areas continue to close during the current global crisis that we are experiencing today, it may not be as easy to look after your physical and mental health. Nutrient-rich products aren't always readily available in our stores, s…

A Tale Of Two USPTO Registers

The United States remains the leader when it comes to the world economy and for many businesses who are scaling up, entering the US market with their goods or service is the holy grail. 

Geographical Indicators In The Trademark World

You may not have heard the term geographical indicator (GI) before. However, as soon as you read the word ‘champagne’, you will know exactly what it refers to. That’s right; fizzy wine cannot be called champagne unless it is produced in the Champagne region of France, meaning a G…

The Value of Legal Blogging And How To Begin

Any PR expert will say that if you want to become known as an expert in a particular area such as intellectual property law, you need to be blogging (and vlogging) on a fairly consistent basis. 

7 Trademark Organizations Who Are Evolving The Learning Landscape

Trademark law can be entertaining and it is often in the news. Cases can be riveting, for example, take the recent case involving dairy and oat-milk major players Arla v Oatly.  Heavy hitting dairy producers, Arla’s marketing campaign slogan was used as a trademark by one of thei…

5 Trademark Industry Trends to Watch in 2020

In the IP industry trends are important for a company's success and sustainability, as they are in all industries. IP law directly serves trade and the existence of intellectual property rights is directly related to the business activities of companies. In that sense, the IP ind…