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Ten Things Trademark Attorneys Wish All Their Clients Knew

There are core fundamentals at the heart of every arena of life and trademark law is no exception. For the trademark attorneys who help their clients create and protect strong brands, communicating these core fundamentals is essential to their role. So what might they want you to understand about trademarks?

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The IP Office of the Future

For the IP offices around the globe, the need to maintain a clear and (perhaps more crucially) effective register that meets the often conflicting needs of trademark owners, poses an ever-increasing challenge. This challenge has been exacerbated by the advent of the information age, millennial attention spans, often quicker brand life-cycles and rapid globalisation of products that catch fire with consumers. Capitalisation of these fast-moving, multi-jurisdictional markets is increasingly problematic and frustrating for business owners confronted with a clearance and registration process often counted in months. 

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Technology and the Trademark Clearance Process

Much of the debate around coming legal technologies is strongly focused on the loss of jobs and the fears that lawyers may soon be replaced by chatbots.

The rate of technological advances in our world has accelerated over the years since the First Industrial Revolution and shows no sign of slowing down. Managing change effectively is challenging and becomes yet more challenging when speed is an element of the equation. Critical to change management is the issue of fear management.

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7 Things to Do In Barcelona (INTA Conference 2017)

Barcelona is a popular vacation destination for several good reasons.

The city's beautiful coastlines, scrumptious seafood, and awe-inspiring architecture provide a feast for the senses. Modern conveniences complement ancient beauty in the best possible way.

It's likely for these reasons, and more, that the International Trademark Association decided to hold its 139th annual meeting in Barcelona. The INTA Conference 2017 will host thousands of brand management, trademark, and other IP professionals from across the globe.

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How to Get the Most Out of INTA Conference 2017

People attend professional conferences for a variety of reasons.

Growing personal networks, staying abreast of industry trends, and garnering new clientele are all frequently cited motivators. While most of us attend conferences with similar expectations, we, unfortunately, don't all return home feeling those expectations have been met.

Sometimes the culprit is the event itself: uninteresting speakers, poor accommodations, and bad weather can all impact quality. However, more often than not, the real problem stems from lacking a solid game plan as an attendee.

Thankfully, that doesn't have to be you.

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The Best Mother's Day Gift There Is...

I'm not the greatest fan of holidays like Mother's Day as a general rule. I tend to believe that it's the little things that count. If the people for whom you give the most, express their appreciation in small ways all year round, then you don't really need a 'special day' that obliges them to do so. Conversely, if the people for whom you work the hardest, don't generally see or acknowledge what you do, then a standardised annual thank you is a somewhat hollow consolation.

Gratitude and appreciation is a two way street. To misquote Terry Pratchett,

"respect is a rock hard currency and accepted everywhere."

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