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5 Keys to Trademark Data Quality

Trademark professionals are rightly concerned about data quality and its impact on their work product.  Data quality - accuracy, validity, completeness, consistency and timeliness - is an essential part of all major trademark management operations, including brand clearance, brand protection, docketing, licensing, data migration, M&A, and due diligence.  If the trademark data used in these operations contains errors - e.g., missed or delayed official updates, gaps in records or individual data fields, incorrect or outdated owner or renewal date information - then organizations can be exposed to significant costs and risks.  

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Redefining Trademark Clearance

Redefining trademark clearance with intelligent legal technology. Intelligent technologies have the potential to profoundly transform the market for legal services. The intelligent trademark analysis solutions from the Finnish startup TrademarkNow are one example of this -(Published in IPRinfo 1/2013 )

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Happy Birthday TrademarkNow!

TrademarkNow is a company focused on transforming the working lives of professionals in the industry by virtue of creating the possibility of instant access to information about trademarks and their owners all over the globe. We envision a world in which search and watch reports contain not only comprehensive results but are ranked in order of threat level to permit speed in an industry in which faster responses are increasingly critical. We are committed to the mission of providing the kind of access to the key data that our clients, colleagues and professionals would have dreamed of - if they had thought it was possible.

As we celebrate the 5th Birthday of TrademarkNow, we take a look back at the inspiration and history behind TrademarkNow. Our CEO, Mikael Kolehmainen, explains how and why he and the other founders developed the platform.

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