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Fashion Brands - The Challenge of Big-Volume, High-Speed Trademark Name Searches

According to a 2011 study at the University of Florida, it is approximately 170,000 years since humans first started wearing clothes. The study of the lifecycle of clothing lice (ewwww!) doesn’t rule out that there may have been advances in clothing prior to this and certainly doesn’t comment on what that clothing might have consisted of. If ancient humans were anything like today’s population, you can be sure that there was a group of them always right on trend wearing this season’s loincloth.

Fast forward a bit and those loincloths have transformed into an industry that is globally worth $1.2 TRILLION and employs 4.2 MILLION people around the world. In the US alone, $250 BILLION is spent on fashion each year. This may be partially due to the ever changing trends in fashion and the need to ‘keep up’ with what everyone else is wearing. Nathalie Gaveau commented,

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How Will Trump's Presidency Affect IP and Trademark Protection?

There are not enough emojis in the world to capture the full spectrum of emotions surrounding 2016's presidential election cycle in the United States. Even now, the country is still figuring out how to process the results. Whether you feel like your side won or lost the election, we can all agree that it was a wild ride.

With Trump in the infancy of his presidential term, many are wondering what impact (if any) his presidency will have on the trademark and intellectual property sector.

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Trademark Monitoring: Should You Be Watching ALL Your Marks?

Yes, trademark monitoring should NOT be limited to "crown jewel" marks.

Interestingly, that is exactly what most large corporations do - focus on their top 10-20 marks while ignoring the rest. At this point, most of our new clients express a similar sentiment:

Hold on. We're a HUGE company. We couldn't possibly monitor all of our brands with our current budget, staff, and time constraints.

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5 Essential Steps to Protecting a Trademark

Losing a trademark battle can have devastating effects on your business.

Fighting to protect a trademark in court is also expensive and time-consuming.

The monetary cost is excruciating, the attention can be disastrous, and you could be forced to rework your entire marketing strategy.

Protecting your trademarks is a never-ending battle—but a lot of companies make it harder than it has to be or they fail to effectively monitor their trademarks, leaving themselves vulnerable. It doesn't have to be this way.

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Inside Counsel's Guide to Managing Multiple Trademarks

Sometimes things fall through the cracks.

Even the most conscientious of employees will occasionally have an oversight.

Unfortunately, the freedom to make such mistakes does NOT exist within your organization's legal counsel. With thousands (if not millions) of dollars on the line, the pressure to leave no stone unturned can be HUGE.

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Introducing NameWatch

TrademarkNow Launches NameWatch, a Cloud-Based Trademark Watch Solution Powered By Patent-Pending Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence

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