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Are You Making These 5 Costly International Trademark Search Mistakes?

$30,000—that's the typical cost of ONE global trademark search.

Want a legal analysis on top of that? Expect to pay an additional $10,000.

They say, "You get what you pay for." And, in many ways, that is true—outsource to a legacy provider and you can move forward with your trademark selection with a high-degree of confidence.

But that's only if your candidate is found to be low-risk. Unfortunately, there are NO REFUNDS for candidates that are deemed high-risk.

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5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Trademark

So, you have your name.

Everyone is excited about it.

All you need to do now is register, right?


Before filing that application, we recommend taking a moment and reevaluating your name selection against some commonly overlooked criteria.

Unfortunately, jumping too quickly from trademark search to trademark application is common. After all, the typical U.S. timeline from filing to approval is 6 to 8 months. While we can all relate to wanting to get our ideas finalized, overlooking red flags may just cause more time delays in the long run.

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5 Tips For Getting the Best Global Trademark Search Results

The trademark search process can be broken down into two parts:

  1. Identifying exact and similar marks from both government databases and common law sources.
  2. Organizing those results into a report of overall risk assessment.

There are probably as many different ways to approach the above steps as there are brands in existence! We've consulted with numerous companies over the years—each with their own systems in place for getting it done.

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Global Trademark Search: When DIY Is Your Best Option

"Knowledge is power."

It's an encouraging euphemism spoken quite frequently.

Unfortunately, the phrase often contains an unspoken message: Certain knowledge is only made available to certain people, and that is how the few stay so powerful.

Evidence of this phenomena is seen in many facets of life. Though, in some cases, the difficulty in obtaining knowledge has been made intentional, this does not need to be the case with trademark search and registration processes. Especially, when it comes to compiling global trademark search results into accurate risk assessments.

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Product Brand Name

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

William Shakespeare wrote that...

He obviously never tried to sell Pee Cola to tourists in Ghana =)

The reality is – names do affect perception.

The instant we hear a new word our brains immediately go to work trying to make sense of it: Does it sound like something we've heard before? What does it remind us of? How does it feel?

That is, if we care enough to focus on the name in the first place! Companies of all sizes routinely underestimate the importance of the naming process. Understandably, executives want to release their products and services into the marketplace as soon as possible.

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All You Want for Christmas: The Best Trademark Search Tool (and Socks)

One can never have too many pairs of socks.

Whether there really is an invisible dryer monster who eats them one at a time or your dog is secretly stockpiling them because he loves your scent so much...

"Boring socks" are a gift that will be received with genuine enthusiasm by most adults. But if you're looking to gift your coworkers with something more substantial than socks this holiday season, we understand.

All You Want for Christmas: The Best Trademark Search Tool

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How to Come Up With a World Class Brand Name

We've been here for 10 hours!

Brainstorming ideas for a new company name has us on the edge.

A wadded up pile of papers clutters the corner.

An empty pot of coffee sits on the table.

Seven coworkers stare bleary-eyed into the distance.

This morning, our trademark attorney called with some terrible news:

  • Our 1st choice brand name was deemed "high risk."
  • Our 2nd choice had an unfavorable meaning in Swahili.
  • And no one on the legal team liked our 3rd choice (we don't either).

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The New Trademark Search Engine to Be Thankful For In 2016

Did you know nearly 90 percent of Americans ate turkey—roasted, baked or deep-fried—this Thanksgiving?

We've come a long way since the early colonists and Wampanoag Indians broke bread in the 1600s. Central heating, wireless Internet, and personal freedom are some of the things we can probably all agree warrant gratitude.

At TrademarkNow, we're also thankful for our clients—innovative companies who are positively impacting the world with their products and services. And we're not too shy to say, our clients are thankful for us.

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Do You Know What These Famous Brand Names Mean?

Choosing a new brand name isn't easy:

  • It must be unique,
  • It must capture the essence of what you do,
  • And there must NOT be a similar one already in use.

Checking off all of the above will produce a good trademark name.

But what if being good isn't good enough...

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