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A Question Of Faith

On the issue of bad faith trademarks in the European Union, Advocate-General Sharpston, in her Opinion in Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngl v OHIM  stated:

All Kinds of Pharma Products Big and Small - Protecting Us All

The Pharmaceutical industry has undoubtedly changed our world for the better. Pharma industry research and development (R&D) has saved millions of lives and increased the life expectancy of us all. It is difficult to articulately set out the incredible difference modern medicines…

Playing The Game

With the eSports industry expected to hit a value of $1.5 billion this year, companies are scrambling to register trademarks to protect their brands. The recent INTA Europe Conference 2020 in Madrid was focused on the convergence of the sports and eSports industries. However, wit…

Leap Day 2020 - When Time Is On Your Side

Do you ever wish that you had more time to get things done? Well this year you do. 2020 is a leap year and we all have 366 days to get things done. 

Meteoric Rise of TikTok Demands Agile Trademark Solutions

TikTok is a video-uploading mobile app that is going places. It is fast becoming one of the world’s most downloaded social media apps and so it is not too surprising that brands have recently started to pay attention. The demographic of its original core audience of Generation Z …

Finally, An Easy Way for Pros to Buy Trademark Searches

Something that struck TrademarkNow’s founders when they started the company in 2012, and myself too when I joined it three years later, was just how challenging it was for lawyers to buy access to professional trademark search tools.

The Minefield That is Trademark Clearance Searching

So much investment goes into launching a new product or service. From development to marketing to sales, project management teams must be continuously alive to any roadblocks (and there are guaranteed to be many).

New Brand Names: Can Marketing and Legal really work together?

Can you picture it? - the Marketing and Legal departments embarking on a new naming project in a perfectly symbiotic pas de deux. Marketing send forth their researched and frankly brilliant new product name, Legal (or Outside Counsel) clear it for use and register it as a tradema…

What Does Faster Trademark Clearance Mean For Your Business?

Friends, Romans and…erm….trademark attorneys, lend me your ears. There are few things in life that interest me as much as observing the practice of law. I love the ‘certain uncertainty’ of it. The precise nature of enquiry combined with measured (or sometimes not so measured!) su…