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Finally, An Easy Way for Pros to Buy Trademark Searches

Something that struck TrademarkNow’s founders when they started the company in 2012, and myself too when I joined it three years later, was just how challenging it was for lawyers to buy access to professional trademark search tools.

The Minefield That is Trademark Clearance Searching

So much investment goes into launching a new product or service. From development to marketing to sales, project management teams must be continuously alive to any roadblocks (and there are guaranteed to be many).

New Brand Names: Can Marketing and Legal really work together?

Can you picture it? - the Marketing and Legal departments embarking on a new naming project in a perfectly symbiotic pas de deux. Marketing send forth their researched and frankly brilliant new product name, Legal (or Outside Counsel) clear it for use and register it as a tradema…

What Does Faster Trademark Clearance Mean For Your Business?

Friends, Romans and…erm….trademark attorneys, lend me your ears. There are few things in life that interest me as much as observing the practice of law. I love the ‘certain uncertainty’ of it. The precise nature of enquiry combined with measured (or sometimes not so measured!) su…

Reaching Registries With One Click

Trademark exclusivity which is enabled by registration, is territorial. Thus companies need to apply to each country one by one within the scope of their market strategies in order to protect their trademarks.

TrademarkNow Top Ten Blogs of 2018

The holiday season is almost upon us and we take a quick look back through 10 of the most popular blogs of 2018:

7 Factors For Identifying Trademark Likelihood of Confusion

There is a compelling reason why companies seek to protect their brands with trademark registrations - revenue. It takes significant investment in terms of resources to build a successful brand. Leveraging a return on that investment becomes critical.

How AI is Transforming the Lives of In-House Trademark Professionals

Managing a large international trademark portfolio is no small endeavour. Aligning the necessary legal requirements with the product development and marketing teams for product launches. Clearance and registration across multiple regions, coordinating the efforts of foreign couns…

Are your clients at risk from foreign trademarks?

The humble screening search is a key player in the creation of any trademark. From a law firm perspective, approaches to this are variable depending on client expertise, resources, industry and needs. In some cases, clients are encouraged to perform at least some part of this pro…