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Immoral, Scandalous And Disparaging Trademarks

Did you know that in the recent past immoral, scandalous, or disparaging categories of marks could never be protected as trademarks, even after being used in the marketplace?

How To Secure A Trademark Application Filing Date – And Secure The Gift Of Time!

Did you know that there are some universal essential requirements when filing your trademark application - but it is unnecessary to always pay fees upfront. Therefore, it is possible to secure that important filing date without having to lay out fees should your decision to pursu…

Distinctiveness v Descriptiveness In Trademark Law

Deciding on a business trademark can be a minefield for the uninitiated. Simply running a quick Google search to see if your prospective mark has been used by any other organization will not be enough to protect you from a filing objection.

3 Smart Ways To Clear Your Brand Name

Did you know almost 4.57 billion people are active Internet users today? A myriad of mobile apps that enable users to create and share content have been part of our daily lives for a long time. And, needless to say, these powerful social media tools also enable both people and bu…

It’s Time To Get Creative With Trademarks

Non-traditional trademarks have become an increasing trend over the past 18 months. The need for brands to differentiate themselves from competitors has led to colors, jingles, sounds, and even smells to be registered as trademarks.

9 Trademarked Holiday Names - Who Owns Christmas?

These days it seems like the holiday season is always upon us. Starting on the very first day of the year and ending on New Year’s Eve, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to celebrations! However, along with the lighter side of marking the moment with family and friends, the…

What Do The Top 200 USPTO Representatives Have In Common?

The United States does everything on a grand scale. From its legendary Cadillacs and Dodges to Superstores, America understands that more is more. If you want to grow your brand, the US market represents the gold standard in commercial ambition. That is why domestic and internati…

Graphical Representation And International Trademark Registration

In the trademark world, as indeed in life in general, everything is interconnected and small changes in one area can lead to knock on effects in another. The business world is global and for many companies, expanding their customer base across regions is a necessary goal for comm…