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Appointment Of An Industry Led Board Of Advisors

TrademarkNow would like to officially announce the formation and appointment of a carefully selected Board of Advisors, comprised of trademark professionals with an intentionally diverse array of expertise and experience to assist with the development of the world’s fastest and most accurate trademark management platform.

Although TrademarkNow possesses a plethora of in-house expertise, the additional input from top legal professionals in this field will be invaluable. We recognise and understand that those doing it day-in day-out will be able to give us more detailed insight into industry specific requirements, IP search/watch strategies, processes, reporting necessities etc.

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Lessons Learned from a Trinity of Irish Trademark Law Cases

The three leaves of the shamrock were used by St Patrick to explain the Holy Trinity - The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit but it's not the only trinity associated with Ireland. The Celtic tradition has a great affinity with the power of three. In Irish mythology, a trio of War Goddesses, collectively known as The Morrígan, presided over the fate of warriors around the 1st Century AD. These days, modern day Irish warriors battle it out rather more tamely in the courtroom and few have to fear The Morrígans premonitions of a violent death.

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3 Insider Tips for Accelerating Trademark Clearance Searches

No one has time for a lengthy trademark clearance search process.

In fact, many new businesses begin using their intellectual property long before thoroughly delving into the safety of their trademark. For some companies, this practice ends up segueing perfectly into their business plan, and they eventually find out they are safe to use the trademark. For others, not knowing if a trademark is safe to use, ends in disaster.

If your company will be registering a mark at some point, why delay the clearance process?

Typically companies wait for three reasons:

  1. Out of sight; out of mind (until it becomes pertinent, they don't want to think about it).
  2. It's expensive (you know you need to apply, but your budget may be strained).
  3. It's time-consuming (most businesses have more pressing tasks than sifting through mountains of data).

The good news?

Technology is changing the way we do business, making the trademark clearance process easier than ever before. In this article, we'll reveal our best tips for accelerating that process. 

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The Top 100 Words Used in Trademarks 2016

The Top 100 words used in both E.U & U.S trademark applications have been revealed and the word that tops the list is… 'the'. Which is probably not a surprise to anyone as it is the most frequently used word in the English language, “accounting for around 4% of all the words we write.”

The word 'the' is used almost twice as often as the word 'and' which sits in second place, followed by the word 'of', again not terribly surprising. What is interesting from this list are the new entries to the Top 100 in comparison to the 2015 data.

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Who is the Best Trademark Attorney in NYC?

Intellectual property is a crucial asset for many types of businesses.

Due to the technological expansion of commerce, protecting the value of trademarks, designs, copyrights, and patents has become exceedingly complex. Because of this, top companies turn to top attorneys for support.

Having worked with many trademark attorneys over the years, the best ones have a few things in common:

  1. Vision - to see how a company can leverage trademark protections to gain greater control over commercial transactions (in ways the competitors may not have thought to do so).
  2. Experience - in handling multiple intellectual property issues—from application to litigation, and false advertising to domain disputes.
  3. Commitment - to creating win-win partnerships that provide the utmost value for all parties.

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How Much Does a Trademark Attorney Cost?

You can't do it all.

At some point, most corporations will have to rely on trademark attorneys for registering, and protecting trademarks. It’s a multi-step process, requiring unwavering attention to detail, and intimate knowledge of the culture, laws, and languages of the region in which you want to register. Your company may not have the manpower or the skill-set to get these complex jobs done solely in-house.

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The In-House Trademark Attorney's Guide to Reducing Expenses

Trademark law has changed in recent years.

And we're not just talking about the laws themselves, though many countries have undergone massive changes in legislation.

We mean the amount of money, time, and effort required to conduct a thorough risk-assessment. If you're a trademark lawyer who began his or her career pre-Internet, you know exactly what we're talking about.

In the early 2000s, the Internet opened the doors to something we now take for granted: A global economy with business opportunities beyond our predecessors' wildest dreams. But it also paved the way for something we didn't want: An increasingly complex trademark clearance process.

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4 Considerations Before Purchasing a Dead Trademark

Finding the ideal trademarks for your business can be grueling.

In a global economy that’s growing every day, the opportunities to seize the marks you want without creating a likelihood of confusion with an existing trademark is steadily shrinking.

When you find a mark you like, it can seem like an opportunity too good to pass up. The issues start when these perfectly matched marks are dead or abandoned.

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