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How To Claim a Trademark on the Top 6 Social Media Platforms

Are you protecting your brand on social media?

While your company marketing department might not be relying on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn today, they very well could be in the future.

Look around the web, and you'll find everyone from supermarkets to manufacturers successfully implementing social media strategies. With that said, it's imperative for companies to immediately claim brand trademarks on social media, regardless of whether or not they have immediate plans to utilize the platforms.

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Are You In Danger of App Store Trademark Infringement?

There's an app for that...

You're probably familiar with the popular catchphrase. It can be found in a variety of creative memes across the Internet.

But did you know the combination of words has actually been trademarked since 2009? When the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple rightful ownership.

Obviously, the trendsetting company knew a good thing when they saw it.

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How to Avoid Trademark Infringement, Lost Profit, and Brand Damages

It's Friday morning. Instead of enjoying your usual cup of coffee with today's newspaper, you're reluctantly reading something new: Legal papers. You're being sued for trademark infringement, and all you can think is, "How much is this going to cost me? How will this affect the business moving forward?"

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9 Nasty Trademark Infringement Cases — and How to Avoid Them

Every organization wants to avoid a costly, lengthy, and resource-intensive lawsuit for trademark infringement. While definitions can vary globally and within the U.S., organizations can be taken to court if there's a likelihood of confusion, especially when combined with other similarities around the goods or services, purchasing channels, or other factors. Unique factors can vary significantly, but experts estimate the average cost of a trademark lawsuit can be between $120,000 to $750,000 in addition to years of valuable time.

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Can Internet Search Results Cause Trademark Infringement?

Organic internet search rankings can get you sued...

Imagine this—you're a small business owner in Florida, and you are looking for help promoting your next live event. You remember talking with a colleague about an organization that specializes in promotions, but you can't quite remember the name. "Was it Uber...?"

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