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How China Is Dealing With Bad Faith Trademarks

In the world of trademarks, few things have driven Corporate Counsel and IP Attorneys crazier than China’s bad faith trademark epidemic. Filers seek to extract money for the transfer of marks (trademark squatting) or piggyback off the reputation of established brands.  Whatever t…

9 More Nasty Trademark Infringement Cases – And How To Avoid Them

Otto von Bismarck’s famous quote - 'Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others', obviously rings true with our readers. The most popular blog post to date on TrademarkNow is "Nine Nasty Trademark Infringement Cases – and how to avoid…

Why INTA’s Unreal Campaign Matters

Everyone loves a bargain. There is something very satisfying about saying “I got it for only (fill in the cheap price)” when someone compliments you on your sassy new shoes or bag. And with the trade in counterfeit goods valued at US$917 billion a year, it is understandable that …

Recent EU And US Developments In Trademark Dilution

"Although the trademark is an essential element in the system of undistorted competition its purpose is not, however, to protect its proprietor against practices inherent in competition" (1).  


For most of us, the presence of the internet and social media in our lives represents a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it has brought people together in a way that was never possible before. Your nearest and dearest are near even when they are thousands of miles away. You can t…

Top Three Funny Trademark Oversights

Thousands if not millions of trademarks are registered round the world every year. It would be beyond miraculous if each year there were not a selection of oversights that in retrospect, are just ridiculously funny. I have collated my top three favourites below. Selecting just th…

The Price Of Trademark Infringement Is Rising

Around the world, there are different rules regarding the award of damages for different aspects of trademark infringement. Most will take into account considerations such as profits from the goods in question and actual losses suffered by the company.

Congestion, Infringement & Success Rates at the EUIPO

In an increasingly competitive world, trademarks are an exceptionally popular option to maintain your corporate identity in a global marketplace where counterfeits of your product are almost an indicator of the level of your success. But how much popularity is too much?

The Dog Days of Trademarks Are….Far From Over!

Next week on August 26th we celebrate National Dog Day which was established in 2004 in the US by Colleen Paige to celebrate the long-standing and special relationships that we have with our canine friends. Despite the strength of the relationship and the love between many pups a…