Posts about Pharmaceutical Trademarks

The Anatomy of Pharmaceutical Trademarks in Current Markets

In many regions, relevant trademark regulations apply to the creation, application, registration and use of all trademarks irrespective of their specific industry. In relation to pharmaceutical trademarks, this can pose something of an issue, given the additional demands and regu…

Legal Tech & The Pharmaceutical Trademark Clearance Challenge

Not all trademarks are created equally and this is particularly true in the case of pharmaceutical trademarks. While all potential trademarks face similar challenges in development and registration, there are some unique issues facing those developing new brands in Class 5.

The Human Problem Of Pharmaceutical Counterfeits

In the IP world, the issue of counterfeits is a huge one. It is perhaps not hyperbolic to view it as an epidemic for which, somewhat ironically, we do not have an effective vaccine. Across the world and in almost every B-2-C industry, businesses, representative bodies and governm…