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More Than Just A Mark - Geographical Indications

“You could say that geographical indications are the Sleeping Beauty of the intellectual property world,” stated WIPO lawyer Marcus Höpperger at the start of the Beijing Symposium-2007.

Leap Day 2020 - When Time Is On Your Side

Do you ever wish that you had more time to get things done? Well this year you do. 2020 is a leap year and we all have 366 days to get things done. 

How to Protect Your Trademarks on the Top 6 Social Media Platforms

The digital world that we live in today has led to the wide availability and use of a mind-boggling amount of digital tools. These tools are used to communicate on the Internet, smart devices and through other technologies, enabling businesses to seamlessly extend their reach all…

Finally, An Easy Way for Pros to Buy Trademark Searches

Something that struck TrademarkNow’s founders when they started the company in 2012, and myself too when I joined it three years later, was just how challenging it was for lawyers to buy access to professional trademark search tools.