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Congestion, Infringement & Success Rates at the EUIPO

In an increasingly competitive world, trademarks are an exceptionally popular option to maintain your corporate identity in a global marketplace where counterfeits of your product are almost an indicator of the level of your success. But how much popularity is too much?

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Q & A: Adopting Technology In The Trademark World

There are clear challenges facing counsel in their trademark searching and clearing processes and they tend to be the same pressure points across the board. These pressure points include: not having resources to manage their never-ending list of projects, tight time frames, budgets, quality, and accuracy of data. However; there are many strategies that can be executed such as implementing new technology, leveraging free and commercial services to create a quick responsive strategy, and increasing efforts to collaborate with internal peers.

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Q & A - EU Trademark Registration

Back in October, we hosted a webinar along with Jan Gerd Mietzel and Carolina Calheiros, partners at Rolim, Mietzel, Wohlnick & Calheiros LLP that discussed the EU trademark system. Here are Jan and Carolina's answers to the Q&A portion of the webinar.  

Will “Brexit” have an impact on you/your clients trademark portfolio?

Yes - 46 % of attendees
No - 34 % of attendees
Somewhat - 20 % of attendees

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EU Court finds four-finger Kit Kat trademark not distinctive

In December of 2016, the EU General Court gave its decision in the Kit Kat four-fingered chocolate bar shape.  The EU General Court held that in order to obtain registration for a trademark which has acquired a distinctive character, the trademark applicant must prove that the relevant amount of people perceive the goods or services to be designated exclusively by sought trademark.

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6 Famous One-Hundred Year Old Brands

Choosing a brand name and/or trademark can be a very difficult process. Ideally, your trademark should both represent your brand experience and be unique enough to qualify for legal brand protection. A company’s trademarks are very valuable intellectual property assets, and they must be carefully guarded and protected against unauthorized use by others.

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