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2.5 Million Reasons Why You Need A Trademark Attorney

From the outside, the process of federal trademark registration in the U.S. appears to be a relatively straightforward one. You create a product or service. Give it a name. Decide that you need to protect that name. Run some clearance searches. Discover that your name is not quit…

The Economics Of Failed Trademark Applications In The US

Obtaining a clear idea of how much it will cost to register a trademark in the US (or anywhere for that matter) is difficult because the answer will always depends. Specifically it depends on how many classes you wish to register across, if it is based on use or intended …

Horrifying Trademark Infringements

Today is Halloween, and all over the globe, houses will be decorated and children will celebrate by going trick or treating and eating ‘dead-man’s fingers’, and spider cakes. For anyone interested in a little trivia: Halloween derives from the pagan festival Samhain.  

A Brief Line-Up Of Rugby Trademarks

Saturday, 2 November sees the final match of the Rugby World Cup 2019. Regardless of who makes it to the end game, thousands of fans around the world have enjoyed a spectacular event, hosted brilliantly by Japan.

Trademarking The World’s Famous Events

On 21 September 2019, over six million people descended on Munich to attend Oktoberfest, the world’s largest Volksfest (beer festival and travelling funfair). Oktoberfest is also known as Wiesn, the common name for fairgrounds. Part of Bavarian culture since 1810, Oktoberfest is …

Who Are The Top Chinese Trademark Owners?

China does everything on a grand scale and the size and strength of its biggest companies are no exception. Three out of the ten top companies in the world are Chinese (the USA and UK hold two each). China also has two of the world’s largest airlines (China Southern Airlines and …