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A Background in AI, Machine Learning and Legal-Tech

A principal focus of legal-tech software companies has long been efficiency:  helping lawyers and legal organizations to automate routine tasks, be more productive and eliminate ‘busywork’.  Across different kinds of applications this has meant, for example, standardizing legal forms, digitizing records and making them more accessible and useful, and reducing costs of storing and retrieving various kinds of legal information.

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How AI is Transforming the Lives of In-House Trademark Professionals

Managing a large international trademark portfolio is no small endeavour. Aligning the necessary legal requirements with the product development and marketing teams for product launches. Clearance and registration across multiple regions, coordinating the efforts of foreign counsel as required. Orchestrating multiple renewals and filings across countries. Fighting against the rising tide of counterfeits and infringements. It’s no simple task.

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How Many Lawyers Are Using Artificial Intelligence Right Now?

Much of the conversation around artificial intelligence and legal technology has it's sights very firmly focused on the future and rarely touches on the here and now. In our personal lives, AI of one kind (and there are many) or another has quietly arrived without much in the way of fanfare at all. For some people, a combination of the burgeoning Internet of Things and AI will mean that their coffee machine can remind their fridge to order more milk. It has the potential to quietly solve many finally ending the rows about who put the empty carton back in the fridge.

In much the same way, despite fears of AI replacing employees, AI and machine learning have already arrived in many law firms and legal departments. But do we know how many and to what extent?

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Redefining Trademark Clearance

Redefining trademark clearance with intelligent legal technology. Intelligent technologies have the potential to profoundly transform the market for legal services. The intelligent trademark analysis solutions from the Finnish startup TrademarkNow are one example of this -(Published in IPRinfo 1/2013 )

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Does The Advance of AI Herald A 'Golden Age' for Legal Practice?

In 2013 and in the first edition of 'Tomorrow's Lawyers', Richard Susskind predicted that the practice of law would experience greater evolution in the next 20 years than it had in the past 200. 4 years on and the next edition states that the first one is already out of date! One of the major sources of change mentioned in the book and indeed between professionals in the industry, is the use of technology in the field of law.

Here is where we need to stop and challenge some of our assumptions. Is the use of technology in the field of law a change? Or is it a response to change?

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Explore Real A.I. at INTA

The legal industry is alive with discussions around the advent of legal technology and whether or not these changes mean that we will all be out of a job (or not - “Why AI will not replace lawyers”).

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural nets and deep learning have quickly become part of our vernacular. The debate rages on as to whether and how much of a threat that might pose.

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Technology and the Trademark Clearance Process

Much of the debate around coming legal technologies is strongly focused on the loss of jobs and the fears that lawyers may soon be replaced by chatbots.

The rate of technological advances in our world has accelerated over the years since the First Industrial Revolution and shows no sign of slowing down. Managing change effectively is challenging and becomes yet more challenging when speed is an element of the equation. Critical to change management is the issue of fear management.

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Appointment Of An Industry Led Board Of Advisors

TrademarkNow would like to officially announce the formation and appointment of a carefully selected Board of Advisors, comprised of trademark professionals with an intentionally diverse array of expertise and experience to assist with the development of the world’s fastest and most accurate trademark management platform.

Although TrademarkNow possesses a plethora of in-house expertise, the additional input from top legal professionals in this field will be invaluable. We recognise and understand that those doing it day-in day-out will be able to give us more detailed insight into industry specific requirements, IP search/watch strategies, processes, reporting necessities etc.

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