The Top 100 Words Used in Trademarks 2016

Nick Potts,

The Top 100 words used in both E.U & U.S trademark applications have been revealed and the word that tops the list is… 'the'. Which is probably not a surprise to anyone as it is the most frequently used word in the English language, “accounting for around 4% of all the words we write.”

The word 'the' is used almost twice as often as the word 'and' which sits in second place, followed by the word 'of', again not terribly surprising. What is interesting from this list are the new entries to the Top 100 in comparison to the 2015 data.

New Entries (US)

  • twenty
  • not
  • eight
  • farm
  • university
  • better
  • king
  • build
  • medic
  • red
  • get
  • bar

The word “twenty was the highest new entry and this can be attributed to two major events; the 2020 Summer Olympics which is due to be hosted in Tokyo and the next presidential election which is scheduled to take place on November 3rd 2020. Will President Donald J Trump win a 2nd term in office, we have four years to find out?

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New Entries (EU)

  • per
  • co
  • el
  • d
  • il
  • so
  • du
  • auto
  • euro
  • more
  • mast
  • est
  • beaut
  • red
  • black
  • premium

In the EU it’s a different story, the highest new entry is the word ‘per’, however, what is interesting is the word ‘premium’ though it just makes the top 100. The word Premium perhaps supports a growing trend that suggests consumers are seeking out a high quality of life, whether through the products we buy or the services we choose. Nielsen a global performance management company who regularly research consumer’s buying habits stated, “sales of products in the “premium tier’ … are growing at a rapid pace.”

What are you thoughts on the other new entries? How many of the trademark applications that you made had these words in? Let us know in the comments below.

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Top 10 Biggest Risers (US)

  1. hundred
  2. fit
  3. real
  4. five
  5. club
  6. food
  7. house
  8. we
  9. love
  10. new

Top 10 Biggest Risers (EU)

  1. global
  2. k
  3. one
  4. plus
  5. love
  6. light
  7. service
  8. house
  9. y
  10. home

Featured on both these lists is the word ‘house’ which could support the growing industry of “smart” enabled items or IoT (Internet of Things). The internet of things has long since been spoken about ever since the term was first coined by Peter T.Lewis in a speech September 1985 at a U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) conference. Today smart meters are given away for free by most energy companies, you can buy smart fridges, automated central heating systems all of which are available in your local DIY store amongst a whole host of other things that you can buy such as drones and smart appliances. IoT is predicated to see a huge growth in 2017, could the rise in trademark applications be the tell-tale sign to this?

What trends do you see? Do you have thoughts about the word “red” and why this achieved new entry status on both the US and EU top 100? Let us know in the comments below.

Top 10 Biggest Fallers (US)

  1. technology
  2. smart
  3. net
  4. system
  5. tech
  6. s
  7. up
  8. connect
  9. world
  10. solution

Top 10 Biggest Fallers (EU)

  1. go
  2. club
  3. tech
  4. we
  5. technology
  6. green
  7. king
  8. work
  9. city
  10. be

Hold on a minute, the words ‘technology’ and ‘tech’ have both seem the biggest drop does that not go against the IoT theory? Perhaps. However, they still feature in the top 100 which is significant and more importantly we have seen a pivot in how consumers interact with technology. Smart phones, for example, are no longer a piece of tech to make phones calls with, they are part of our lives. Top brands recognise this change in our behaviour and respectively you see this in the naming of their latest virtual assistants; Siri, Bixby, Alexa and Cortana (the one exception being Google).

Did you agree with our comments? What jumps out at you when looking at this trend data? Let us know in the comments below.

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