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The New Trademark Search Engine to Be Thankful For In 2016

Did you know nearly 90 percent of Americans ate turkey—roasted, baked or deep-fried—this Thanksgiving?

We've come a long way since the early colonists and Wampanoag Indians broke bread in the 1600s. Central heating, wireless Internet, and personal freedom are some of the things we can probably all agree warrant gratitude.

At TrademarkNow, we're also thankful for our clients—innovative companies who are positively impacting the world with their products and services. And we're not too shy to say, our clients are thankful for us.

The New Trademark Search Engine

Our technology-assisted search engine is literally saving companies several days of work and thousands of dollars. Until recently, risk-assessment options have been less than satisfactory.

Scouring through free governmental databases (i.e. SPTO, TESS, WIPO, and EUIPO) is time-consuming. Partnering with legacy search providers is expensive. And outsourcing to law firms is both.

Such lack of flexibility just doesn't work in a modern corporate environment where ideas are birthed, partnerships are formed, and products are launched—all before lunchtime.

But we're here to change that...

Much like Uber is challenging the traditional ride-share model, TrademarkNow is challenging the status quo of trademark search. Our mission? Eliminate the costs that make the process more expensive than necessary.

In this article, we'll introduce you to the search engine that's making it all possible: NameCheck. After which, we think you will agree, there is a lot to be thankful for this year.

NameCheck: The New Kid On The Block

The Facts: NameCheck is a technology-assisted program that delivers comprehensive likelihood of confusion analyses in real time. The program evaluates a variety of factors including word linguistics, product types, and jurisdictions.

How It Works: You enter your candidate, select the appropriate class or product description, and click "Search." Behind the scenes, the program's algorithm analyzes your candidate against millions of existing trademarks and other relevant data before delivering results in approximately 15 seconds.

Why It Works: NameCheck is powered by 15 years of trademark law modeling research. When assessing your candidate, the program is evaluating product similarity, phonetic similarity, visual similarity, and meaning in over 150 languages.

Why It's Extra Trustworthy: The final risk score assigned to your candidate is based on how others have decided to act with similar risk in the past.

Essentially, NameCheck combines the accuracy of traditional packages (albeit enhanced) with the DIY nature of traditional online databases. These results should always be reviewed for a final risk assessment by your legal team. Nonetheless, its ability to cull through multiple official database records and intelligently organize their findings on a searcher's behalf is game changing.

Here's What it Includes:

  • Unlimited global search
  • App store data common law source
  • All class and product categories
  • Phonetic and visual similarity of proposed mark words
  • Semantic distance consideration between product classes
  • International/global word meaning
  • Internet domain registrations
  • Unregistered marks used in commerce
  • Unregistered products/services in active commerce

Here's How You Benefit

More Time: Receiving assessment reports from outsourced legacy providers and attorneys usually takes anywhere from 3 days to 1 week. NameCheck literally delivers the same level of comprehensiveness (in many cases, better) in seconds.

Less Expense: Conducting a fully comprehensive global assessment of one trademark can cost as much as 40k with a legacy provider. With NameCheck, your company can conduct unlimited search assessments for one flat rate. Note: Flat rates are determined based on portfolio size and trademark activity.

Greater Flexibility: Need to change course after learning your first choice candidate is high risk? Need to add a different region or class on the fly? With NameCheck, you are 100 percent in control.

More Creativity: Want your team to come up with better ideas? Remove the boundaries. One of which is budgetary constraints. Coming up with a great trademark name is hard enough without having to worry about "getting it right" the first time.

We're Changing The Status Quo—Join Us

As you can see, NameCheck has the potential to really shake things up in the trademark search marketplace. But we're not doing this to be disruptive—we're doing it because it's right.

We believe evolving technology should benefit everyone and that it should empower both individuals and large corporations to more effectively bring their ideas into the world.

For companies wanting unlimited search, ranked risk-assessment reports, and greater independence in the search clearance process, TrademarkNow is the clear choice. While there are still some instances where traditional search options may be more suitable, they are increasingly becoming far and few between.

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by Nick Potts.