The IP Office of the Future

Nadaline Webster,

For the IP offices around the globe, the need to maintain a clear and (perhaps more crucially) effective register that meets the often conflicting needs of trademark owners, poses an ever-increasing challenge. This challenge has been exacerbated by the advent of the information age, millennial attention spans, often quicker brand life-cycles and rapid globalisation of products that catch fire with consumers. Capitalisation of these fast-moving, multi-jurisdictional markets is increasingly problematic and frustrating for business owners confronted with a clearance and registration process often counted in months. 

It remains central to the discussion that the value of a brand is subject to the ebb and flow of consumer interest. Potential solutions that do not expand the ability of businesses to catch the tide will not be fit for purpose. For TrademarkNow, the future IPO focuses on what the applicant wants and needs to achieve from their application - timely, successful registration without the hampering effects of a lengthy examination process.

TrademarkNow CEO, Mikael Kolehmainen, said

"Our vision is to enable application and registration to take place almost simultaneously, without sacrificing the certainty that comes from examination."

Continuing progress on the harmonisation between IP offices provides significant optimism for more streamlined international processes but many roadblocks still remain between today and where many believe it would be beneficial to be. One such roadblock is the ongoing issue of in-use evidence required and evaluation and storage methods. While no details were forthcoming, Mikael did confirm that a solution for this problem is on the roadmap.

"Our mission is to have TrademarkNow eventually serve as the ultimate platform for all trademark related work. As a former trademark attorney, I understand all too well the critical need for better, more streamlined processes and timely relevant information. Our first industry report, Trademarks, Now was released just before INTA this year and we are very excited by the opportunity to contribute to much needed business intelligence in this space."

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