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TrademarkNow Adds Over 30 Million U.S. Companies' Information to Common Law Trademark Search Via Partnership With Leading Data Provider

TrademarkNow®, a Helsinki-based legal technology company, today announced the continued expansion of the common law component of the company's already robust platform with the addition of 30 million U.S. company names and related information to NameCheck the company's trademark search product.

For legal professionals conducting trademark searches, identifying unregistered marks is just as important as identifying registered trademarks in analyzing trademark safety, since unregistered marks have the same protection as registered marks under U.S. law. In fact, 90% of U.S. trademarks are not registered with the U.S. government, making common law search a critical part of the trademark clearing process. Given the importance of identifying any unregistered marks, trademark professionals currently spend hours manually searching and sifting through many different, independent resources and databases trying to piece together a complete picture of unregistered trademark risk.

TrademarkNow was founded on the idea of applying machine learning, advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to the manual efforts related to trademark clearing that burden trademark attorneys today, to streamline the process and produce smarter results. NameCheck applies the same artificial intelligence used in analyzing information from registered trademark databases to unregistered trademark sources such as its newly available U.S. company data. NameCheck now incorporates company name, address, SIC code, business description, size by revenue and/or employees, parent company name and URL address and status. In July, TrademarkNow also expanded its common law search to include music artist, album, song, video, TV episode and App content from Apple's iTunes as well as other digital marketplaces and app stores.

As it does with registered trademark results, NameCheck presents users with unregistered trademark search results in an organized manner, ranked by potential risk level, which eliminates the noise of irrelevant results. Users can also apply the same sorting and filtering capabilities that they currently use for reviewing registered trademarks to unregistered marks.

"In a recent survey we conducted of U.S. trademark professionals 'unregistered trademark safety' was named as of one of the top-five most important factors in conducting a trademark search. The same survey also revealed that these professionals are very dissatisfied with their ability to identify common law risks of unregistered trademarks using their current process. This is a real problem. The addition of specific company data expands the common law search capability of our platform to address this issue," said Mikael Kolehmainen, TrademarkNow Co- founder and CEO. "The beauty of our solution is that even by adding more data to our platform, we are able to keep the noise at bay by sifting out the irrelevant results via our sophisticated algorithms. Ultimately, our goal is to make comprehensive trademark search quick, easy and intelligent. This product expansion helps us achieve that goal."

by TrademarkNow.

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