Can We Exterminate Parasite Brands?

Publicly traded companies spend on average 11% of their annual budget on marketing. The Gartner Research study which provided this figure states:

Recent Trademark Infringement Cases You May Have Missed In 2018/19

There have been some significant trademark disputes hitting the headlines in the last twelve months. In April 2019, lawyers for Erik Brunetti, owner of the popular brand FUCT, challenged the provisions of federal law that allows for “immoral or scandalous matter” to be refused tr…

Why INTA’s Unreal Campaign Matters

Everyone loves a bargain. There is something very satisfying about saying “I got it for only (fill in the cheap price)” when someone compliments you on your sassy new shoes or bag. And with the trade in counterfeit goods valued at US$917 billion a year, it is understandable that …

Finally, An Easy Way for Pros to Buy Trademark Searches

Something that struck TrademarkNow’s founders when they started the company in 2012, and myself too when I joined it three years later, was just how challenging it was for lawyers to buy access to professional trademark search tools.

The Minefield That is Trademark Clearance Searching

So much investment goes into launching a new product or service. From development to marketing to sales, project management teams must be continuously alive to any roadblocks (and there are guaranteed to be many).

How Well Do You Understand Trademarks?

Outside of the branding processes undertaken by trademark professionals, there exists a fundamental fallacy - everyone seems to think that they understand trademarks. From startups choosing to go it alone with their applications to others decrying the need for trademarks at all, …

Social Media Influence in the Trademark World

Social media, whether you view it as friend or foe, invades every part of our lives and brands were quick to become part of that narrative. This creates a number of challenges for the companies involved. Standing out amongst all the noise being a case in point. However, this is f…

Is Your Legal Department a ‘Partner’ to Your Business?

It is the general perception that lawyers, whether in-house or private practice, often aren’t viewed in the role of a valuable strategic partner. Instead the legal department can be viewed as being an impediment to the business needs which must be worked around in order to succee…