Ode To the Trademark Attorney

Nadaline Webster,

Ode To the Trademark Attorney

When you think about trademarks & branding
And corporate logos galore,
You think of the colours and taglines
Arrayed on the shelves of the store.

But what of the trademark attorneys
In a field oft dismissed as ‘soft law’?
As you browse through the products on offer
Do you think of their struggles at all?

With a magically growing to-do list
Forever ensconced at their side,
They’re reviewing some 80 odd pages
Where one relevant mark tries to hide.

They’re explaining the value of searching
To clients whose budgets are low
But they’re already using the brand name
And have their packaging ready to go.

Receiving left-field random refusals
And oppositions that make no sense,
And explaining to unhappy clients
What this might mean in dollars and cents.

They’re dealing with unpleasant surprises
Dealt at the whim of the courts
With a finding of likely confusion
Which they’ll have to find some way to thwart.

They’re working hard on solid enforcement
Whilst incurring the wrath of the press
But to protect their clients trademarks
They simply cannot do less.

To lighten the load for our lawyers,
To save many hours, stress (and trees!)
TrademarkNow have launched a new search tool
And the best news of all is, it’s FREE!


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