TrademarkNow's new FREE preliminary trademark search tool - 7 reasons you will LOVE it!

Nadaline Webster,

The humble screening search is an often overlooked part of the trademark clearance process. At TrademarkNow, we believe in end-to-end process efficiency and so each stage of the journey to successful trademark registration merits attention. As with so many aspects of trademark management, most practitioners have developed a system using a variety of tools and data sources that best suit their needs. While these systems fulfill the requirements of that particular organisation, they are almost inevitably time consuming to use.

Free tools to assist in any part of trademark management have come under fire with recent claims being made that the use of free tools is a contributing factor in the rise of trademark infringement. Whether or not there is any validity to this claim, the demand for more affordable and effective clearance solutions is growing in response to the need to ‘do more with less’. TrademarkNow has developed a free screening tool to address key challenges in screening searches today.

1. Unlimited number of FREE preliminary trademark searches

While you may have created a list of potential names that you think will be suitable, you don’t have any realistic way to judge how many preliminary searches you will actually need to find a short list of names with a reasonable prospect of success. An unlimited number of searches allows you the freedom to run all names without worrying about hitting your ceiling.

2. Two key regions at once

Increasing globalisation means that existing prior registrations from overseas are becoming a more common threat to domestic registrations. Check your proposed name in two key registries - the United States (USPTO) and the European Union (EUIPO) - simultaneously for additional safety.  Both databases are updated at least daily.

3. Instant results

Exact match results within the two regions appear together instantly on your screen even as you type. Links to trademark and owner details are provided to give you the means to quickly evaluate the threat level.

4. Ease of use

The simplicity of use cannot be overstated. Simply type your proposed mark into the search bar. Downloading reports is as simple as clicking a button.

5. Instant filtering

While many of the filtering options are limited to the advanced ExaMatch offerings, instant filters let you limit by region or class to focus on a particular market.

6. Limit ‘falling down the rabbit hole’

Google searching is a critical step in checking common law use of proposed names but it can be an exceptionally time consuming one with endless pages to scroll and the potential to be ‘led astray’ with a bewildering selection of results over hundreds of pages. By eliminating non-starter names prior to this step, you limit google searches to the absolute minimum.

7. Improved internal efficiency

Instant really means ‘instant’. Fast results and ease of use means that your marketing team can incorporate this free tool into their brainstorming process in real time, helping them to learn more about the challenges of naming from a legal perspective and send better names to the legal department for clearance.

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