INTA 2020 Virtual Conference - Coming Soon!

Olli-Joonas Juuso,

INTA is going virtual this year and more than 3,300 attendees have registered to take part in this innovative Annual Meeting and Leadership Meeting. You can get a sneak peek of what to expect at the two events now courtesy of the INTA Daily News

We hope that you have heard by now that TrademarkNow was acquired by Corsearch in August 2020. As a result, Zac Casstevens, Senior Trademark Executive based at our Kilkenny, Ireland office and Colm MacSweeny, Senior Trademark Analyst in our Helsinki office, are excited to be representing TrademarkNow, a Corsearch company, at the event!

Zac and Colm can be found at the Corsearch virtual booth in the Diamond Exhibitor area where the whole team will be pleased to discuss our intuitive trademark tools and brand protection solutions with you. If you would like to connect in advance of the event please just email Zac or Colm directly.

Zac Casstevens TrademarkNow 








Zac Casstevens, Senior Trademark Executive


Colm MacSweeny, Senior Trademark Analyst

I caught up with Zac and Colm recently to find out how they assist trademark professionals with their work.     

Interview with Zac and Colm  

1. What’s your current role? 

Zac: I’m Senior Trademark Executive and co-host of the legal podcast: Talkin’ Marks (Talkin’ Marks can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, and Castbox). I have a variety of responsibilities, including communicating how our services and products add value. But I also support in-house counsels, law firms, branding agencies, and marketing teams with insights about the potential process changes that can be made due to new, cutting-edge legal technologies.

Colm: My title is Expert Trademark Analyst and I am based in the Helsinki office. Day to day, I’m in contact with trademark professionals all over the world, introducing them to TrademarkNow and spreading the word of artificial intelligence throughout the legal community.

2. What attracted you to work in the legal tech sector? 

Colm: Legal tech is an extremely fast growing and interesting industry, which I thought had the potential to make significant improvements to the work of IP and branding professionals. Having seen how powerful and time-efficient TrademarkNow’s searching tools, ExaMatch and NameCheck, were, it made the decision to work in the industry very easy.  

Having been in the industry for a number of years now, it’s clear that we’re only at the beginning of the journey, and I’m excited to see the ways that we can utilize AI and legal tech to benefit our clients even further as part of the Corsearch team.

3. INTA 2020 is going virtual. What (and who) do you expect to see at the event? 

Zac: I suppose just to have a good plan of attack. Your schedule will fill up fast and you still need to allocate some time to swing by exhibitors booths and see what’s new to market.  

Colm: It can be tempting to flick over to another tab or take a peek at the latest emails you’ve received. I think it’s worth approaching a virtual event as you would a normal conference  just focus on the interesting conversations, talks, and booths.  

One of the benefits, however, is that you don’t have to physically walk around from place to place, so you can actually organize your day more smoothly and get even more out of your time. 

I’d also say take the opportunity to stop by some exhibitor booths (we’ll be at the Corsearch booth) for a friendly conversation and to learn about the exciting new tools on the market. 

INTA Committee and Leadership meeting

TrademarkNow and Corsearch have a strong relationship with INTA. Trademark Counsel, Gökcen Uzer Cengelci and TrademarkNow Head of Product, Charles Hill, were both called to serve on INTA Committees earlier this year. Uzer Cengelci is serving on the INTA Publication Committee and Hill is a member of the INTA Brands and Innovation Committee. Diane Fiddle, Corsearch’s Chief Legal Officer & Privacy Officer, is proud to be an active member and contributor to the Data Protection Committee. 

Uzer Cengelci and Hill will both be attending the Leadership Meeting on 13 November as well as the INTA 2020 Committee Meetings from 9-12 November. Please reach out to us now by email if you would like to connect with them in advance of the Meetings and we will put you in touch! 

Come and visit us 

Please stop by the Corsearch virtual booth in the Diamond Exhibitor area for a demonstration of our trademark and brand protection solutions.

CorsearchBoothINTA2020Corsearch Virtual Booth 

3 ways to reconnect with Corsearch at INTA

Here are 3 ways you can find out more about our solutions and services or schedule a 1-1 demonstration: 

1. Corporate website 

Get in touch now through our website - just let us know your preferred date and time.

2. Virtual stand

Stop by the Corsearch virtual stand during the event, in the Diamond Exhibitor area - from Monday, November 16 to Friday, November 20.

3. INTAconnect

Use the INTAconnect system (which launched on Monday, 9 November to all registrants).

We look forward to reconnecting with our friends and clients and welcoming new acquaintances online.  

See you at INTA Annual Meeting 2020