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How to Make the Trademark Process Go 10 Times Faster

The trademark registration process is expensive and slow. It's also error-prone with manual trademark search tools. Thousands of cases are filed each year in U.S. district courts, which doesn't even compare to the number of cases filed on a global scale. In most cases, the legal fees associated with litigation over trademark infringement can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Why Faster Time to Trademark Clearance Matters

In the US, the typical length of establishing a trademark is over 10 months. In other jurisdictions, the process can extend to 24 months, or even longer in certain countries such as Brazil. While you cannot speed the length of time it takes the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or other jurisdictions to respond to applications, you can speed your length of time to clearance.

In many cases, a smarter approach to trademark research and application can shave weeks, if not months, off the successful application process. In this blog, you'll learn about how smart legal and marketing teams improve speed and accuracy of trademark research to make the process go ten times faster.

1. Smarter Search Tools

Technology-powered searches shouldn't take hours or days to yield results or to understand. The trademark search process, with the help of artificial intelligence and powerful algorithms, can be significantly smarter and faster than alternative search tools.

Organizations need their search tools to provide a clear picture of the worldwide marketplace, the risks, and the likelihood they could face litigation if they proceed with a trademark. A better search tool for trademark research doesn't only provide comprehensive results in seconds, it provides contextual intelligence on real risks.

These facts are what powered TrademarkNow to develop an algorithm that simulates a "likelihood of confusion analysis." This enables customers to perform the world's most advanced trademark search in seconds rather than the hours or days it would take using legacy systems.

2. Multiple Searches

Organizations shouldn't be limited by search numbers based on cost. The ability to perform multiple searches can ensure that organizations are able to refine queries and accurately gain a full depiction of a marketplace.

By investing in a search tool that doesn't charge on a per-search basis, marketing and legal professionals can improve their access to the right knowledge early in the trademark process. TrademarkNow has created a commercial model that allows customers to do an unlimited number of searches, regardless of regions or classes. It also enables NameWatch™ on an unlimited number of marks, which is in stark contrast to the commercial models of most legacy systems.

3. Broader Search Use

For many organizations, attorneys and other highly-qualified legal professionals are the only individuals who are able to perform trademark searches. This is generally due to difficult-to-use search tools, which provide results that can only be interpreted by someone with deep expertise.

However, traditional search tools don't always deliver what's needed—a clear picture of whether you're eligible to register a mark. While only a tribunal is able to decide whether a brand is guilty of infringement, attorneys need to avoid premature commitment.

The concept of "premature brand commitment," or hours wasted researching trademarks that can't be registered, has created a need for faster search tools. It's why TrademarkNow has created a platform that's simple to use with easy-to-understand results. To speed risk assessment, a built-in safety meter provides a 1-5 risk assessment regarding the safety of a proposed mark.

4. Better Ranked Results

Ambiguity is a common part of the trademark search process with legacy systems. Geographic location, products and services, distribution channels, and other factors can all determine whether a trademark is safe to use. Traditionally, attorneys commit hours to the full review of a trademark search. The results of a full trademark search can range into the hundreds of pages. It can take days of effort to accurately assess risks.

While higher-quality search results don't negate the importance of expert assistance, they can yield better-summarized results and intelligence on risk. This can reduce the hours of expert review necessary by a significant amount, allowing organizations to save time and money.

Trademark Search Results You Can Trust

NameCheck™ is the only solution to balance results you can trust with instant gratification. In less than 15 seconds, your search yields an easy-to-understand risk score and a comprehensive report on identical or similar marks based on global data sources. 

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